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Madiha Faisal

B.B.A. Finance (2020)

“Music gives me the energy to do things.” Madiha Faisal states that she shares an intense passion for music because she feels she can truly connect with it. Bollywood dancing, photography and fitness in general are things that Madiha enjoys participating in her free time. As a freshmen, her first impression of the rec was that it was intimidating by its large size. Her perception changed as time went on, with the help of her friends. She feels that the rec is now her “safe area,” and a place where she can transform a bad day into a better one. It’s the spot where she can not only build confidence, but also maintain it. “If I ever have spurs of doubt, I come to the gym and build up my confidence again.” Madiha is currently a fitness zone attendant here at the rec. She’s a sophomore and pre-business student who’s interested in pursuing a degree in Finance.