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Avery D. Gray

B.S. Kinesiology Exercise Science (2017)

Imagine getting the opportunity to travel around the world with your college club sport team. In particular, getting to travel to Barcelona, Spain and watch an El Clasico, FC Barcelona VS. Real Madrid soccer game. For Avery Gray, getting this chance, was one of the most memorable experiences throughout his entire college career. After winning a great season with the UH Men’s soccer team, Avery Gray says farewell to UH but doesn’t leave without first sharing his story with us. Avery has played soccer since he was three years old. He was the captain and MVP of the sport club soccer team here at the rec and aimed to better himself as a person and leader. This past May he walked down the stage and received his Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy. Avery has had a great time at the rec and will miss what he called “his second home.” We will miss you too, Avery and wish you the best of luck as you follow your dream to PT school!