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Alexis Moran

B.A. Communication – Public Relations (2019)

When the runner up team on the show, America’s Best Dance crew opened their own studio in Houston, Soreal Dance Studio, it was at that moment when Alexis Moran knew she had to pack her bags and move here. Alexis is a sophomore majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and moved here from San Antonio. She feels that Houston is a place filled with many dance opportunities. After watching the show, she decided she needed to get her training from that exact dance studio. Alexis was not only able to achieve her goal, but also performed at the 2017 Super Bowl. “Dancing at the Super Bowl has definitely been the highlight of my life and dance career.” She’s been dancing since she was 3 years old and has tried it all: from jazz, tap, hip-hop, contemporary, to pointe, but now specializes solely on hip-hop. She’s a hip-hop teacher at a studio in the Houston area and also choreographs for high school dance teams and quinceañeras. The rec is a big part of her life. It’s a place where Alexis auditioned for the Houston Rockets dance team and finished in the top 30. It’s a place where she attends regularly to work on herself and physical appearance.