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Rubyann Rodriguez

B.B.A Marketing (2019)

Before RubyAnn Rodriguez began dancing, she was shy and quiet. All has changed once she began watching Youtube videos and discovered the dance style, pop and lock at the age of thirteen. Dance brought her out of her shell and made her an outgoing people-person. When she began her studies at the University of Houston, she was in for a similar challenge. When she came inside of the rec for the first time she thought, “It was huge and I wanted to try everything.” Since then, she’s tried a variety of activities, including badminton, intramural sports and rock climbing. One of her favorite memories is playing intramural softball with her brother and almost hitting a home run.

Her experiences have led her with a goal in mind, to improve her health. She decided to not only do so by working out, but also by cutting out foods with harsh chemicals and artificial products from her diet. She’s been a pescatarian since December 2017. “I am eating healthier than I ever have.” The rec has become a place for her to clear her mind, and, like dancing, it has also boosted her confidence. Since coming to the Rec she’s, “not afraid to work out around a crowd.”