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Joseph Secrest

Joseph Secrest is our Fitness Coordinator for campus recreation and he is a man of education and inspiration. He completed his undergraduate and graduate degrees from Stephen F. Austin State University with honors while playing football. During this time he was able to attain numerous fitness certifications, won academic awards, and published his new found love of research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. He enjoys meeting new people and finding out what they have to teach them because he believe everyone has something special about them. Joseph is here to be closer to his family, progress professionally, and earn his Ph.D. from the University of Houston all while remaining dedicated to student success. He is adamant about giving students the tools they need to succeed and advising them to be more than what they see in the mirror. The Rec provides him the ideal opportunity to apply his knowledge and experience to help hundreds of students make more informed decisions where they truly understand what is going on and what it could mean for them in the future. He makes people better both inside and out and there is no such thing as leaving his office in under 20 minutes. Joseph is a role model to those around him the example of what it means to be a powerhouse.”