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Climbing Wall

The 53 foot tall climbing wall is the awe-inspiring focal point of the University of Houston’s Campus Recreation and Wellness Center (CRWC). Built by Nicros in 2003, this massive 6,110 square foot A.R.T Wall™ illustrates how a climbing wall can be functional as well as an architectural showpiece. The climbing wall has been featured in several climbing magazines and is the pride of the Nicros organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

All current members of the CRWC are eligible to climb – This includes students enrolled in classes and individuals who have purchased memberships. CRWC members may sponsor a guest by purchasing a Guest Pass at the Welcome Desk Member Services. See our Member Services page for more information on passes and memberships.

If you are a current member of the CRWC or are a sponsored guest, there is no additional cost!

Absolutely no experience is necessary! Our wall has a variety of routes to climb, from novice to expert.

Children ages 6 years and older may climb the wall permitted a parent/guardian is present at all times and the individual is physically large enough to fit the harness.

To climb the wall, a harness and shoes are required. This gear can be checked out by presenting your Cougar Card to the Welcome Desk - Equipment Issue located next to the climbing wall. Chalk bags may also be checked out pending availability. Advanced equipment is accessible to those knowledgeable of usage.

The OA Office is located in the back of the CRWC – next to the Main Gym 3 and natatorium entrance. For more information regarding OA and equipment rentals, please stop by!

The wall is available for private rentals – including team-building workshops, student organizations, birthday parties, and other off-campus groups. The pricing structure varies depending upon the group size and length of rental. For more information, please see Reservations.

  1. Children under 18 MUST be accompanied by parent or legal guardian at all times.
  2. All climbers must sign in at the Outdoor Adventure climbing wall prior to climbing.
  3. All climbers (parent or legal guardian if under 18) must sign the Release and Indemnification Agreement and the Authorization for use of image, voice, performance, artwork or likeness form prior to climbing.
  4. Bags are not permitted at the Climbing Wall, lockers are available downstairs.
  5. Climbers must wash or sanitize their hands before climbing. We encourage you to practice good hygiene and sanitize during and after your climb as well.
  6. The capacity of the Climbing Wall area is subject to change, but shall not exceed 5 people on the wall and 10 people within the gates; climbers should never climb under or too close to other climbers.
  7. Belay cards must be clearly displayed on a belayer’s harness at all times while belaying.
  8. Climbers using personal equipment must inspect their gear prior to climbing, you may not climb without prior inspection of gear. If unsure of how to properly inspect your gear, please ask an Outdoor Adventure staff member.
  9. Personal equipment must be UIAA certified.
  10. The Figure-8 knot on a bight or the figure-8 knot on a bight with two opposite and opposing locking carabiners clipped into the climbers harness are the only permitted tie-in methods.
  11. Belayer’s must use a tubular belay device and it must be attached to the harness with a locking carabiner. GriGris and other assisted braking devices are prohibited for non-staff members.
  12. Safety checks and verbal commands are required for every climb.
  13. A climber must not wear, use, or carry audio equipment when climbing, unless authorized in advance.
    1. The use of headphones and/or mobile technology is prohibited while climbing or belaying.
  14. Closed-toed and closed-heeled shoes are required within the climbing wall area.
  15. Climbing shoes are required while climbing.
  16. Grasping the lead clips, climbing above the anchors, or attempting to top out is prohibited.
  17. While bouldering, climbers’ heads may not raise higher than the pictographs.
  18. Bouldering requires the use of a crash pad, spotters are strongly recommended.
  19. Lead climbing is only permitted when designated lead climbing-certified staff are present.
  20. Belayers are strongly encouraged not to belay a climber that weighs over 40 lbs. heavier; when belaying any climber weighing 40 lbs. or more, top rope belayers are required to use a weighted sandbag and lead belayers are required to use an OHM.
  21. Lead belayers must not move further than 5 feet from the base of the wall.
  22. While belaying, kneeling or sitting on the ground or in a chair in not permitted.
  23. For your safety, patrons are asked to follow the direction of the climbing wall staff at all times. Failure to do so could result in the removal from the climbing area.
  24. Any actions that are perceived as dangerous or negligent when climbing or belaying could result in suspension of privileges.