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Adrian Moreno

B.A. Psychology, Minor: Marketing (2019)

Adrian Moreno began seriously pursuing fitness 3 years ago after serving in the Marine Corps for 15 years. As a Marine Corps Staff Sergeant, he found that in order to lead to the best of his abilities, he needed to be in the very best shape. Adrian describes the switch as a major lifestyle change that he has been fortunate to devote himself to for several years. He is motivated by seeing others accomplish their goals especially when he plays a part in helping them achieve those accomplishments. He enjoys weight training and cardio at the Rec and says that our facility has “given me a place to de-stress and do what I love so close to campus. I have a full schedule which demands a lot of my time and it is great to have such a great place so close to go to.” Adrian is currently a certified personal trainer, full-time student and hopes to become a brand manager post-graduation.