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Mohammad Ullah

B.S. Political Science and Economics
M.S. Applied Economics
J.D. (2019)

Mohammad Ullah is a second year law student who has a bachelor's degree in political science and economics and a masters in applied economics. Mohammad has had an interest in law since high school and feels he’s always had keen insight for injustice. Whether he is at the rec for a workout, practicing Wushu, or running on the track, he is here 2-4 days a week. He’s been a member of our Wushu Kung Fu Club for the past three years and feels that Wushu and practicing law are both a huge part of his life.“If I could be a Wushu attorney I would. I want to be an attorney who fights for his clients and an athlete who practices the sport he loves.” To him, one of the best parts about Wushu is the positive environment while competing. For instance, everyone cheers for each other, no matter the outcome. He hopes to carry on what he’s learned from Wushu into his career. He’s learned to defend himself, which inspires him to defend others by practicing law. Mohammad believes the rec exemplifies diversity. “The rec is where people of different majors, ages, color, sizes and interests unite.” Mohammad aspires to be able to practice real-estate law in Texas, be able to do pro bono work, and to try out for the Wushu World Championships in 2019.