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Michael Trinh

Economics (2017)

Before Michael Trinh started lifting weights, he was plagued with injuries and wanted that to change. He would get injured while playing sports like football and basketball until he began powerlifting. “I choose to powerlift to train and gain strength. I want to bullet proof my body.” Michael explained that powerlifting has many health benefits including, strengthening the leg muscles, back and upper body. He’s competed once and is currently in training for his second competition. The rec is a place where he can train comfortably. He explained that one of his favorite aspects of competing is being surrounded with like-minded people in one room and sharing the same passion. Weight lifting also provides him with a structure that carries over onto other parts of his life. He explained that it also feeds his mental toughness. “Lifting serves as a constant source of humility because sometimes when failing, it gives me a problem to solve.” Michael is a senior majoring in Economics and is a man of many aspirations. Some include, to be able to provide for his family, set up multiple streams of passive income, and travel the world, particularly to Argentina. He stated that the rec’s atmosphere has changed since he was a freshman. The number of powerlifters has grown immensely and he loves it!