Industrial Design Student Earns First Place Award in Bienenstock Competition

Student designs award-winning hammock-like chair named Manta

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design industrial design student Anna Bibikova recently received first place in the prestigious 2021 Bienenstock Furniture Library Competition for her chair, Manta, a hammock-like net woven around a fluid metal frame.

The project was conceived and fabricated as a result of professor Jeff Feng and Aaron McEuen’s studio assignment encouraging students to enact their personal interests while designing a chair. Bibikova sought to develop a chair creating an escape from individuals’ busy lives while sitting in a “shapeless” structure.  

“This assignment was a highly effective way for students to express themselves and produce highly original designs,” said Jeff Feng. “Anna’s design was one of the best, and it was also submitted in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York in 2020.”

The Hines College’s industrial design program is not new to the Bienenstock Competition. This year is the third time the College has placed in the competition, winning first place in 2018 and second place in 2019. Bibikova’s chair design received a $5,000 prize, and the College’s industrial design program also received a $1,000 award.

Comfort, relaxation, and the carefree feeling experienced near the ocean inspired Bibikova’s design. The design combines modern, sculptural form with traditional macrame weaving techniques constructing a hammock-like lounge chair for use in a home or public setting.

“I am highly honored to have my design recognized in this competition and to be able to share this design with others,” shared Anna Bibikova. “This has encouraged me to apply to other competitions and continue designing.”

To learn more about the project, visit the profile on the Bienenstock Furniture Library website.

manta_1.jpg manta_22.jpg