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Daniel G. Rosen, M.D., M.Ed.

Daniel G. Rosen, M.D.

Daniel Rosen, M.D., M.Ed., is a clinical adjunct associate professor of pathology at the Tilman J. Fertitta Family College of Medicine. He is a board-certified pathologist with over 20 years of experience as physician-scientist.

Rosen earned his medical degree in anatomic pathology from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He later joined the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center where he combined computerized image analysis technology and high throughput tissue microarrays technology to investigate different pathways involving ovarian and breast cancers. In 2010, he became board certified in anatomical pathology and clinical pathology, after completing a breast pathology fellowship at MD Anderson. Rosen then joined the Michael E. Debakey V.A. Medical Center in Houston as a full-time pathologist. In 2016, he earned a master’s degree in medical education from the University of Houston.

Rosen is currently involved in multiple research projects including validation of markers for tumors of unknown primary, development and validation of assays to predict the risk of metastatic disease in esophageal and colorectal cancer, and validation of high-resolution microendoscopy for the management of esophageal neoplasia.