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New Students

Student Success is our Number One Priority

The College of Education realizes you have many choices when deciding which university to attend, and that is why we make your success our number one goal.  Whether you are entering the university for the first time from high school or joining us after attending another college, we want to make sure you stay on track to complete your degree on time.  Once you apply and are admitted to one of our majors, we want to ensure you succeed with us. Knowing what to expect can dramatically reduce your stress levels and ensure you have a successful experience.

Become acclimated to the UH campus before the first day of class

As a College of Education major, many of your classes will be located in Farish Hall. However, your other classes (such as English, math, history, etc.) may very well be anywhere on campus. With UH being such a large campus, it is a good idea to download UH Go.  Not only does UH Go give you valuable information such as emergencies on campus, but there is also a built in map. Just type your desired location into the search box and it will give you walking directions. In addition, there are maps located around campus for you. Always check your class schedule the day before classes begin in the event of a room change!

Your Instructors

Many students are “afraid” to approach their instructors. Don’t be! Your instructors are here for YOU.  Instructors welcn from students.ome interactio They want you to succeed and will offer help and resources to ensure your success. If there is ever something you do not understand, go see your instructor. All instructors are required to hold office hours and most will let you know on the syllabus whether it is necessary to make an appointment or whether you can just walk-in anytime during those hours.  Never feel shy about asking for information if you have questions about anything such as course content, assignments, or exams.

Academic Advising

Your Academic Advisor is your best resource for all information regarding your career path.  Your advisor will assist you in following your degree plan so you stay on track, and also if you have any questions about resources.  If you are experiencing any signs of difficulties in your classes, be sure to check in with your advisor as soon as you know you are having trouble.  Your advisor is here to help YOU succeed.  Always make sure you make an appointment to see your advisor at LEAST once per semester, but feel free to contact them whenever you need help.  We are committed to your success!


The Undergraduate Studies office is ready to support you in every way to ensure you achieve your goals.  Our office has multiple resources which will offer you guidance in practically any area. Please check out the list of support services offered by the university and the College of Education and feel free to contact your Academic Advisor should you have an issue you do not see listed.

Work/Life/School Balance

The College of Education realizes not everyone can be a full-time student.  You should discuss your personal situation with your Academic Advisor to assess how many school hours you should take if you are working and/or have other outside obligations.  Not everyone can be successful working full time and taking a full course load.  Our advisors will assist you in finding that balance to make sure you reach your goals as you also attend to your responsibilities. Remember that the University offers many resources that can help you with that balance.

Information for Parents and Families

The transition to college is challenging not only for our students but also for the parents and families of our students. We encourage parents to visit resources that will help families understand how to best support student success: