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Job and Volunteer Opportunities

Our community partners are always eager to work with UH College of Education students and alumni. Some of these opportunities are for paid employment and others are for volunteers. We post opportunities that appear to be legitimate, although we have not researched each position. Please contact the person listed for more information. The most recent posting is always listed on top, and we will keep the listings for up to three months.

If you would like to post a position to this page, please fill out the Job Opportunity Request Form.

UH students can also find job opportunities on Cougar Pathway.

Job Listings

The Women's Resource of Greater Houston 
Posted: 12-4-2023

RISE! Program Facilitator

Facilitators deliver our four-year curriculum to high school girls. Our curriculum focuses on financial education, college & career readiness, and personal growth. Facilitator delivers curriculum during lunch on the school campus 8-10 times per semester. Facilitator is also responsible for entering weekly attendance and notes, and pre- and post-survey data.

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Maria Pickett
RISE! Program Manager
Houston, TX 77040  

Houston Classical Charter School 
Posted: 12-1-2023

After-School Tutor

Provide Homework Support:Assist students with their homework assignments and clarify concepts. Plan and Implement Engaging Activities: Develop and execute educational activities and projects that align with students' needs and interests. Foster a Positive Learning Environment: Establish a safe and inclusive atmosphere that promotes positive behavior and active participation. Provide Individualized Attention: Recognize and cater to the unique learning styles and abilities of each student. Offer additional assistance or enrichment activities as required. Professional Development: Stay updated on current educational practices, teaching methodologies, and subject-specific knowledge. Attend workshops or training sessions to enhance teaching skills and maintain professional growth.

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Tiffany Valentine
Director of Culture and Programs
Houston, TX 77083 

Kscholastic Inc. 
Posted: 11-27-2023

Administrative Assistant

This position will be a remote, part-time position that is year-round. We are especially looking for applicants who can perform administrative tasks, organize internal documents, and monitor our office line on weekdays. Applicants must have availability on Monday evenings and Friday daytime hours. We will give preference to freshmen and sophomore applicants who can commit to the position for more than one year. Pay starts at $15/hour.

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Sophianne Loh
Kscholastic Administrative Assistant
Houston, TX 77008 

University of Houston - Athletic Academic Center for Excellence 
Posted: 11-17-2023

Assistant Athletic Learning Specialist

The Assistant Learning Specialist will support an assigned caseload of student-athletes and may assist with ongoing departmental programs as assigned to enhance the overall operation of ACE Learning Services (tutoring, mentoring, study hall, etc.). Responsibilities include reviewing incoming studentathlete documentation, identifying at-risk student-athletes, creating learning profiles/recommendations, and developing individualized academic support plans.

Athletic Academic Coach

Academic coach support aims to enrich the student-athlete collegiate experience through services that help each student-athlete identify his/her strengths and weaknesses and develop skills to succeed. Academic coaches are part-time employees who provide guidance, resources, and structure for student-athletes, while monitoring academic progress.

These are paid part time positions

Contact Information:
Shawn Buckner
Senior Learning Specialist/Tutor Coordinator
Houston, TX 77204 

American National Bank & Trust
Posted: 11-17-2023


Intern would be working with the Investment team and marketing department on a part time basis. Intern would be updating marketings spreadsheets, mail-outs, presenations and events. Work with investment officer to complete forensic accountings and expense reports.

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Beth Owens
Senior Vice President
Houston, TX 77008 

Jill Schroeder
Posted: 11-14-2023

Part-time Tutor/Study Skills - NEAR CAMPUS

After School Tutor for High School Sophomore 2/3 days a week-approx 6hrs week @ $25/hr- AP classes, Algebra II, Chemistry, French - more focus on study skills and organization

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Jill Schroeder
Houston, TX 77023 

The Rise School of Houston
Posted: 11-8-2023

Teacher Assistant

The Teacher Assistant is directly accountable to his/her classroom Lead Teacher. Teacher duties include: treating all children with dignity and respect, assist teacher in providing instruction to children in large groups, small groups and individually help with daily activities. Assist teacher in planning and preparing materials for daily instruction and lead circle time as needed. Supervise the classroom when the teacher is not present in the classroom. Assist the teacher in maintaining an organized, attractive, and developmentally appropriate learning environment.

This is a paid full time position

Contact Information:
Dorothy Asim
Executive Director
Houston, TX 77021 

Westside High School
Posted: 11-3-2023

English Teacher

Responsibilities include but are not limited to planning rigorous lessons with a team of educators that focus on refining students' reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. PLC teams will also analyze student data to drive instruction, collaborate to vertically and horizontally align with faculty, and develop authentic relationships with their students.

This is a paid full time position

Contact Information:
Astrid Bernal
English Teacher and Curriculum Director
Houston, TX 77077   

Awty International School
Posted: 10-27-2023

Math Teacher (Middle & High School)

The Awty International School is searching for a Mathematics Teacher to teach Algebra 1 and Geometry in grades 8-9. The ideal start date is November 1, 2023. The position will last until June 2024, with the possibility of a contract renewal for the following school year.

This is a paid full time position

Contact Information:
Pam Odom
Head of Mathematics Department
Houston, TX 77055  

Kelly Education
Posted: 10-20-2023

Substitute Teacher

Assume duties of the classroom teacher in accordance with school district lesson plans, school rules, and Kelly policies. This includes: Leading instruction in the classroom by conducting the teacher’s existing lesson plans covering various classroom topics and courses. Aides will work alongside a classroom teacher to achieve the above. Building positive relationships with Students and Staff. Assigning reasonable tasks and homework.

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Jameria Jordan
Recruiter Strategist
Houston, TX 77090 
800-528-0049 ext:18221 

Ana Morquecho 
Posted: 10-9-2023

Algebra tutor

We are looking for an in-person Algebra tutor to work with our 9th grader. Need help in understanding algebra concepts and help with assignments. More than likely help will be needed in the afternoon.

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Ana Morquecho
Houston, TX 77087  

Biology and Biochemistry Department, University of Houston 
Posted: 9-22-2023

Program manager

The program manager will help run an NSF-funded Research and Mentoring for Postbaccalaureates (RaMP) program focusing on evolutionary genetics and genomics. They will manage participant recruitment, selection, and retention; facilitate communication among participating faculty and organizations; arrange meetings, training, and social events; coordinate program evaluation; and organize other activities. The successful candidate must have strong communication and organization skills; experience in either biological research or academic administration is an asset, though not required.

This is a paid full time position

Contact Information:
Rebecca Zufall
Associate Professor
Houston, TX 77204  

River Oaks Baptist School 
Posted: 9-19-2023

Prime Time Teacher

ROBS is hiring several after-school employees from 2 pm -6 pm Monday - Friday for our Prime Time Program. Responsibilities include supervision of homework, providing snacks, outdoor play, age-appropriate games, and educational activities.

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Emily Ross
Director of After School Programs
Houston, TX 77007 
713-623-6938 Ex. 265 

Green Dot Public Schools- King Middle School
Posted: 9-15-2023

Middle School Teacher

Green Dot recognizes that high-quality instruction is central to the academic success of students. We are seeking talented middle school teachers passionate about accelerating learning for our students. At Green Dot, our teachers develop and sustain a rigorous culture of learning in their classroom grounded in high support and accountability for ALL students. Additionally, our teachers have a deep commitment to internalizing course standards and curriculum, engaging in extensive lesson preparation, and delivering quality instruction to students. Learning and continuous improvement is a core part of our work, and teachers work alongside a coach and peers to refine their practice.

This is a paid full time position

Contact Information:
Delvia Gomez
People Champion (Recruiter)
Beaumont, TX 77701 

ITExperience Inc
Posted: 9-15-2023

Program Director

Marketing Support Volunteer (Google Ad & Microsoft Ads)

Slack Channel Ambassador Volunteer

Volunteer hours (5 hours a week)  The ITExperience Slack Channel Ambassador is an volunteer position with the responsibility of fostering a positive and engaging environment within the ITExperience Slack channel or community. Their role is to facilitate communication, encourage participation, and ensure that the channel remains a valuable resource for its members. All Channel lead will take the course for the channel they are managing so they can support their respective channels. The channels needing managed: Data Analysis, Cybersecurity, RedHat, Fortinet, CompTIA prep.  Roles and Responsibilities  Welcoming New Members  Answering Questions  Encouraging Participation  Moderation  Facilitating Conversations  Sharing Resources  Event Promotion  Collecting Feedback  Collaboration  Staying Informed  Setting an Example  Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion 

Grant Specialist Volunteer

Volunteer hours: 5 hours a week  A Grant Specialist plays a crucial role in securing funding for organizations, projects, or initiatives by researching, applying for, and managing grants from various sources, such as government agencies, foundations, and private donors. Overall, a Grant Specialist plays a vital role in securing funding to support an organization's projects and initiatives. Effective communication, attention to detail, strategic thinking, and the ability to manage multiple tasks are essential skills for success in this role.    Roles and Responsibilities  Grant Research and Identification:  Identify potential grant opportunities that align with the organization's mission and goals.  Research grant databases, government websites, and other sources to find suitable funding options.  Grant Proposal Writing:  Prepare and write grant proposals that effectively communicate the organization's mission, needs, and project goals. Craft compelling narratives, budgets, and supporting documents to increase the chances of grant approval.  Grant Application Submission:  Complete and submit grant applications within specified deadlines, ensuring all required documents are included. Adhere to formatting and submission guidelines outlined by grantors.    Additional responsibilities: Budget Development, Grant Compliance, Grant Reporting, Relationship Management, Collaboration, Strategic Planning, Monitoring Funding Opportunities, Data Collection and Evaluation, Grant Writing Training, Networking, Adaptability, Ethics and Integrity, Data Privacy   

These are volunteet part time positions

Assistant Program Coordinator

3 hours a day (15 hours per week)  $15 to $19 per hour  Assistant Program Coordinators play a supportive role in assisting Program Coordinators in the planning, execution, and management of various programs or projects within an organization. Responsibilities involve a combination of administrative, logistical, and coordination tasks. Their contributions help Program Coordinators focus on strategic planning and decision-making.    Roles and Responsibilities  Logistics and Planning Support: Assist in organizing program activities, workshops, events, and sessions. Help with scheduling and coordination of program-related tasks and timelines. Assist in booking venues, arranging equipment, and ensuring necessary resources are available.  Communication and Correspondence: Respond to inquiries from participants, stakeholders, and team members about program details. Assist program-related communications, invitations, and reminders.   Participant Management: Assist with participant registration, attendance tracking, and communication. Help maintain participant databases and records.   Documentation and Reporting: Support the maintenance of program records, including attendance sheets, feedback forms, and other documentation. Generate reports on program progress/outcomes.  Additional responsibilities/skills: Material Preparation, Team Coordination, Stakeholder Engagement, Budget Management Assistance, Event Support, Feedback Collection and Analysis, Administrative Tasks, Quality Assurance, Adherence to Policies, Adaptability and Flexibility, Learning and Growth 

This is a paid part time position

Contact Information:
Silver Ehiwario
Program Director
Houston, TX. 77055