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An education is the key that can open many doors throughout your career. The costs you incur now will be returned to you many times over time. Your cost to attend the University of Houston depends on a variety of factors, including state of residence, program of study and number of semester hours you're taking.

This presentation is intended as an estimate and is subject to change. 

 Tuition & FeesRoom & Board*Annual Total
Resident Freshman $9,318 $8,753 $18,071
Non-Resident Freshman $19,848 $8,753 $28,601
International Freshman $19,848** $8,753 $28,601
Resident Transfer $9,888 $9,800 $19,688
Non-Resident Transfer $20,418 $9,800 $30,218
International Transfer $20,418** $9,800 $30,218

* Price reflects on-campus living costs.
** International students should include applicable International Fees.