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STEM Scholarship Program

Scholarship Opportunity May Open Late Spring 2024

How to Apply

The STEM Scholarship Program with Promotion and Retention of STEM Education through Networking Team (PARENT) Support awards scholarships up to $2,500 per semester to academically motivated students who demonstrate financial need as described by FAFSA. Students must be full time, and enrolled in one of the following NSM careers: Biology/Biochemistry, Chemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Math or Physics.

The program employs traditional and non-traditional curricular and co-curricular activities to foster an academic and family learning community through activities such as a PARENT Academy to advance the student’s education through parent/family engagement; monthly STEM Student Interest Group (S-SIG) meetings which provide co-curricular activities for networking, professional development, academic and career guidance, and social interaction; and a Mentoring Network, which includes a Research Placement Program and mentoring by faculty, Academic Advising staff, and peers.

Scholarship recipients are required to actively participate in these activities.

More Information

Program Team

PI – Dr. Donna Stokes, Department of Physics
Co-PI – Paige Evans, Department of Mathematics and teachHOUSTON
Co-PI Dr. Laveria Hutchison, Department of Curriculum and Instruction
Co-PI Dr. Monique Ogletree, Department of Biology
Program Evaluator – Dr. Cheryl Craig, Urban Education, Texas A&M University

National Science FoundationThis scholarship program is funded by the National Science Foundation Division of Undergraduate Education S-STEM Scholarship
Program Grant # 1644191


Contact Donna Stokes, Ph.D.,