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Graduate Student Opportunities

Events and opportunities appearing in the NSM Graduate Update will be listed on this page. New listings are added regularly.

Ombudsperson Information

The UH Graduate School has added the position of an Ombudsperson for Graduate and Professional Students. The Ombudsperson provides a safe setting for graduate and professional students to confidentially raise and discuss their concerns about workplace and academic issues, address interpersonal difficulties, and receive assistance in identifying options for resolving the conflicts and concerns.

What an Ombudsperson Does

  • Provides a confidential forum for raising issues and expressing concerns.
  • Listens without judgement and offers impartial feedback.
  • Assists the graduate/professional student in exploring options to address concerns.
  • Identifies and refers the graduate/professional student to resources for addressing problems and concerns.
  • Clarifies policies and procedures that apply to the graduate/professional student’s problem or issue.
  • Provides coaching on effective communication for difficult conversations.
  • Analyzes and reports trends in complaints and concerns, and provides recommendations for institutional improvements.
  • Promotes highest standards of university governance and a supportive, ethical and healthy organizational culture.

Meet the UH Ombudsperson - Funda Suhin, Ph.D.
Dr. Suhin is an associate professor of supply chain management at UH. Her teaching and research interests are in operationas and supply chain management. She is passionate about the UH community and student well-being. Over her career, she has worked with graduate students in a wide variety of roles, including teaching graduate courses, directing graduate stduent research, and coordinating a doctoral program in Bauer College of Business. She has served on numerous committees related to graduate student education and policies, and as a graduate student mentor.

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Careers & Career Fairs

Kscholastic Tutoring Company is looking for tutors of all academic subjects.

  • Flexible scheduling
  • Variety of subjects for K-12 students
  • Houston-area in-person tutoring (must have a personal vehicle)
  • Must be available 3 evenings a week
  • Must be available until the end of the school year (May 31, 2022)

Starting Pay: $28/hour (Starting pay for graduate students is $30/hour)

Learn More: Visit

To Apply: Send your resume and a statement of interest to