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Dan E. Wells Outstanding Dissertation Award

Past Winners

Jiaxuan Li

Spring 2020
Jiaxuan Li
Advisor: Yingcai Zheng
Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

Inverting In-situ Anisotropy in Global Subduction Slabs Using Deep Earthquakes and Imaging Binary Mixtures and Fractures

Naghmeh Hassanzadeh Khayyat

Fall 2019
Naghmeh Hassanzadeh Khayyat
Advisor: Stuart Dryer
Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Regulation and Dysregulation of TRPC6 Channels in Podocytes

Aria Mansouri Tehrani

Spring 2019
Aria Mansouri Tehrani
Advisor: Jakoah Brgoch
Department of Chemistry

Development of Sustainable Superhard Materials