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Service Management

UIT Service Portfolio

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ID Service Name Description of Service Business Owner UIT Service Manager UHS?
1 Classroom Technologies Support  Maintenance, support, and installation of technologies in general purpose classrooms. Equipment checkout for classroom instruction, training on classroom equipment, and assistance with designing multimedia classrooms. Jeffrey  Morgan Danny Truong No
2 Learning Management System (Blackboard) Administration of the Learning management systems for course delivery. Jeffrey  Morgan Fidel Ramirez Yes
3 Streaming Services (MediaSite, iTunesU, YouTube) Administration of technologies to support the distribution of streaming media Jeffrey  Morgan Matthew Castillo Yes
4 Business Intelligence - Dashboards Administration of BI technologies such as dashboards to facilitate decision making (e.g. enrollment management, SHRL) Various. E.g. Enrollment Management, SHRL. Robert Li No
5 Data Warehouse    (Hyperion) Administration of data warehouse technologies used for reporting and data analysis Various. E.g. Finance, Enrollment Management. Robert Li Yes
6 Electronic Access Control System (LENEL) Administration of the LENEL access control system used for electronic access to campus buildings. Malcom Davis Tuong Ho No
7 Emergency Management System (Everbridge) Administration of the emergency notification system to handle campus communications during emergency situations. Malcolm Davis Mark Rosanes Yes
8 Employee Self-Service (PASS) Administration of the self-service enterprise PeopleSoft solution to access HR services Joan Nelson Keith Martin yes
9 Employee Training (TAP) Administration of the Training Access Portal (TAP) for UHS employees Joan Nelson Fidel Ramirez Yes
10 Facilities Management (FAMIS) Administration of the integrated workplace management system for space management and facilities maintenance David Oliver Tuong Ho No
11 Financial IS (PeopleSoft Finance) Administration of the enterprise financial solution PeopleSoft Finance for UHS/UH Karin Livingston Mike Chang Yes
12 Grants Management IS (PeopleSoft Grants Management) Management and support of Enterprise PeopleSoft application for research grants administration Beverly Rymer Muhammad Soonasra  Yes
13 Housing Management System and Self-Services (myHousing) Administration of Housing management system for current and future residents for managing housing applications, room assignments, and check-ins Don Yackley Tuong Ho Yes
14 Human Resources IS (PeopleSoft HR and Payroll) Administration of human resource solution for timesheet management, performance management, compensation, and other personnel information Joan Nelson Muhammad Soonasra Yes
15 Intrusion/Panic Alarm Systems Management of intrusion alarm systems that detect physical access to monitored areas and panic alarms. Malcom Davis James Schexneider No

One Card System     (Cougar Card)

Administration of multi-purpose university identification (ID) card used for services such as dining, convenience stores, building access, events, and printing. Emily Messa Tuong Ho No
17 Parking Management System Administration of parking application to manage citations, fines, parking decals, and applications Emily Messa Tuong Ho


18 Point-of-Sales Systems (Cribbage, Bb Transactor) Administration of PoS systems for processing of payments, installed in multiple campus stores and locations Emily Messa Tuong Ho No
19 Security Camera Systems Management of technology infrastructure for surveillance cameras installed in multiple campus locations Malcom Davis James Schexneider No
20 Student IS (Enrollment) Administration of enterprise student systems: recruiting, admissions, registration, and records, financial aid, room scheduling, academic advising degree audit, ISS SEVIS, LCC, CSD, TAP advisors.  UH only:  data analytics and financial aid award analysis. Katina McGhee Steve Webb Yes
21 Student IS (Financials) Administration of enterprise student systems; tuition and fee calculation, book loans, billing, accounts receivables, general ledger interface. Katina McGhee Steve Webb Yes
22 Student IS (Graduate Admissions) Administration of enterprise student systems; graduate admissions processing and professional schools support Katina McGhee Steve Webb Yes
23 Student IS (Institutional Planning and Analysis) Administration of  enterprise student systems; institutional research, Coordinating Board reporting Katina McGhee Steve Webb Yes
24 Student Training/Title IX Training Administration of student training portal for UHS students. Richard Baker Fidel Ramirez Yes
25 Technology Reviews (Campus/Colleges/Divisions) Management of the Technology Review (TR) program that provides technology consulting and comprehensive assessment of IT services Administration Rita Barrantes Yes
26 Time & Effort Reporting IS (Maximus ERS) Administration of Time & Effort Reporting application for Principal Investigators (PI's) to certify time and effort on Research Grant / Contract projects. Beverly Rymer Muhammad Soonasra No
27 UH Mobile Platform (ModoLabs Campus and GreyHeleller) Administration of UH Go mobile app for UH. UIT develops new services and features based on feedback from UHstudents and stakeholders to deliver this app to the community. UH Marketing Robert Birkline Yes
28 University Advancement IS Administration of enterprise Advancement information systems for prospect analysis, donor tracking, and gift processing. Steve Mueller Muhammad Soonasra No
29 University Calendar (LiveWhale) Administration of the comprehensive university-wide events calendar that is used for both Web and Mobile views UH Marketing Robert Birkline No
30 Web Presence ( Administration of the UHS/UH main website UH Marketing Matthew Castillo Yes
31 Account and Access Management Administration of accounts for UH faculty, staff, and students for the purpose of supporting instructional, research, and administrative systems. (CougarNet, Web accounts and Peoplesoft Accounts) Administration Robert Birkline No
32 Answerpoint for UH Main Listed Number (University Call Center) Management of incoming calls to University main phone number 3-1000, including response to inquiries as first point of contact and call routing. Administration Leroy Mays No
33 Audio and Video Production Creation of audio and video media used for research, instruction, documentation, and marketing/communications purposes. Administration Phil Booth No
34 Backup Services                (IBM Tivoli - TSM) Provision of data backup services for University servers, desktops, and laptops with mission critical data. Administration Eric Block No
35 Call Center Services (Anywhere365) Administration of call center services to manage call routing in support of multiple University helpdesk services Various (e.g. Enrollment services, UIT Support services, FIXIT, UH Parking, and UH Call Center). Omar Farooq No
36 Campus subscriptions to IT professional organizations (Educause) Membership to IT organizations like Educause to access IT research papers, industry benchmarks, and collaborate with industry peers Administration Bill Spindler Yes
37 Client Management (MS SCCM) Administration of client management including centralized and remote desktops/laptops/mobile devices for image installations, application upgrades, security patches, and remote assistance. Administration Jody Gillit No
38 Collaboration Services (SharePoint, Office 365) Administration of MS SharePoint and Office 365 for the purpose of supporting collaboration in non-academic environments. Administration Jody Gillit No
39 Computer Labs                (SHRL common areas) Management of computing labs including desktops, laptops, printers and other peripherals SHRL Leroy Mays No
40 CRM Services  Administration of customer relationship management tools (faq, chat, and email distribution) Administration Diane Trippel No
41 DHCP Services                 (IP Addresses) Allocation of IP addresses for University resources, servers and printers Administration Charles Chambers No
42 Digital Signage (Four Winds Interactive) Administration of the centralized application that controls campus electronic displays, and support of electronic displays installed in UIT-managed areas. Administration Mark Rosanes No
43 Directory Services (LDAP/Active Directory) Administration of domain services and hierarchical directory of organizational resources such as users, computers, printers, and sites. Administration Shivi Pawa Yes
44 Domain Name Service (DNS) Administration of registration and operations of Domain Name Service for the University's domains. These include "",", and "". Administration Charles Chambers Yes
45 Email (Exchange) Administration and service support of the campus email services Administration Jody Gillit No
46 Endpoint/Data protection Administration of applications to identify sensitive data on systems and tools to ensure data is protected (i.e., Spirion, ePO, desktop encryption). Administration Debbie Samuels Yes
47 Enterprise Application Security Assessments/   Data Feed Review Management of security assessments of enterprise systems and data feeds to identify security risks and offer mitigation strategies for reducing or eliminating risk. Administration Debbie Samuels Yes
48 Enterprise Process Document Imaging Administration of the enterprise document imaging solution for capturing and storing documents integrated with PeopleSoft ERP solutions Administration Muhammad Soonasra Yes
49 Enterprise Systems Infrastructure Management of physical and virtual server infrastructure located in the UH Data center, PGH and Victoria. Includes database administration for Peoplesoft, Blackboard and other shared services. Various (e.g. Administration, Colleges, Divisions) Eric Block Yes
50 Fax Services (Digital and Analog) Administration of digital and analog fax services available to administrative units Administration Omar Farooq No
51 Federated Single Sign-On (Shibboleth) Administration of the federated Single Sign-On using Shibboleth Identity Provider (IdP) Service in conjunction with federation memberships e.g. InCommon and Texas Trust. Administration Keith Martin No
52 File Shares Management of file shares for multiple departmental units. Provides space and access to university files shares and CougarNet space for shared services to physically store your profile and files. Administration Eric Block Yes
53 Hosted Services Server administration of virtual server infrastructure located in the computing center and managed by UIT. Services provided to Colleges and Divisions through a Service Level Agreement. Administration Eric Block No
54 Hosted Services Security Assessments Assessments of Hosted Services security elements and recommended controls for protection of UHS data. Administration Jana Chvatal Yes
55 Incident Management: Forensics, Response & Reporting Management of security incident investigation and documentation. Administration Debbie Samuels No
56 IP Television (Philo) Acquisition and distribution of television channels on campus. Technology administration of IPTV and CATV services to provide video programming (national, local, and KUHT) over the University's data network. Administration Phil Booth No
57 IT Project Management Project Portfolio and Project Management of IT Projects related to Capital Projects and Network Infrastructure projects. Administration Rita Barrantes No
58 IT Service Assurance Management of the IT Service Assurance program to provide annual IT service metrics to Colleges and Divisions. Administration Rita Barrantes Yes
59 IT Support/HelpDesk Provision of help desk support of UIT services by telephone, chat, walk-ins, email, and FAQs Administration Leroy Mays No
60 Laptop Check-out Provision of laptop loan services for students during the academic semesters Administration Kevin Vu No
61 Marketing and Communication Email Distribution (SendIT) Administration of technologies in support to bulk email communications, including LISTSERV for instructional and administrative purposes and RightNow for marketing/communications purposes. Administration Mark Rosanes No
62 Network Connectivity (Internet, Internet2, Intranet) Management of network services including Internet, Internet2, and Intranet Administration Charles Chambers Yes
63 Portal Services     (AccessUH) Administration and development of the University single sign-on portal used for accessing multiple campus IT applications Administration Tuong Ho No
64 Printing Services (Uniprint) Administration of centralized printing solution and support of print kiosks in computing labs and high-density areas Administration Jody Gillit No

Secure Authentication (2-Factor Authentication)

Provision of 2 Factor Authentication for secure access to systems in restricted network environments (PCI, HIPAA, etc.) and for identified enterprise-level service administrators. Administration Jana Chvatal Yes
66 Secure Socket Layer Certificates Administration and monitoring of SSL certificates for campus servers and domains. Administration Jana Chvatal Yes
67 Security Awareness Communications and Training Provision of information security awareness communications, training, and presentations, including the delivery of mandatory campus employee security awareness training. Development of custom awareness workshops tailored to the specific needs of a college, division or department Administration Jana Chvatal Yes
68 Security Operations Center D​aily monitoring and identification of incoming security threats to the university network. Administration Debbie Samuels Yes
69 Security Risk and Compliance Assessments Management of security and risk assessments of data and IT assets to identify security risks and offer mitigation strategies for reducing or eliminating the risk Administration Jana Chvatal Yes
70 Service Management Solutions (Remedy) Administration of central service management system and distribution of licensing to colleges and divisions Administration Robert Birkline No
71 Software Distribution Management of campus-wide site licenses and license distribution and download. Administration Leroy Mays Yes
72 Telephone Services      (Long Distance) Administration of long-distance (international and national) telephone services available on campus by using authorization codes. Administration Omar Farooq No
73 Unified Communications (Skype for Business) Administration and deployment of unified communications (telephony, voicemail, IM, video conferencing, desktop collaboration) Administration Omar Farooq No
74 Video Conferencing (Administrative Conference Rooms) Maintenance of administrative video conferencing facilities for use by the community in designated areas Administration Danny Truong No

Video Conferencing     (Skype, Zoom)

Administration of classroom video conferencing to provide distance education through interactive video Jeff Morgan Rita Barrantes Yes
76 Virtual Private Network (VPN) Management of authenticated and secure remote (off-campus) access to campus computing resources. Administration Charles Chambers Yes
77 Vulnerability Scanning Administration of vulnerability scanning for internal and external IP addresses to identify vulnerabilities that need to be mitigated. Administration Jana Chvatal Yes
78 Web Content Management System (Hannon Hill) Administration of the University solution for web content management. Administration Diane Trippel No
79 Web Publishing/Design Provision of professional services for Web publishing and design. Web and mobile application design and development. Administration Robert Birkline No
80 Wi-Fi (UHSecure, UHWireless, Eduroam) Administration, management, and support of campus Wi-Fi services. UHSecure (authenticated - faculty/staff/students), UHWireless (open - guests), Eduroam (authenticated - UHS, HigherEd participants) Administration James Schexneider No
81 Wired Campus Network (access network) Management of the wired network infrastructure providing access network to the community. Administration James Schexneider No
82 Wired Campus Network (core and distribution network) Management of the wired network infrastructure providing inter-building network connectivity. Administration Charles Chambers No
83 Wired System Network Management of the core wired network infrastructure providing network interconnections across the UH System Universities. Administration Charles Chambers Yes
84 High Performance Computing (RCC) Management of high performance computing technologies for research purposes. Research system administration specializing in clusters as well as stand alone. CACDS- Andrea Prosperetti Keith Crabb No
85 High Performance Research Networks (LEARN, RenoH) Management of high bandwidth network for high performance computing needs. Administration Charles Chambers Yes
86 Science DMZ Networks Management of high performance network connectivity to research labs. Deniz Gurkin Charles Chambers No


UIT Service Manager:

UIT Director or Manager accountable for the service, and responsible for the technology, support, marketing, and communications.

Business Owner:

Person representing a University college/division/unit/entity responsible for defining the business needs of the service, the operational service levels needs, and for allocating financial and human resources to the provision of the service.