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Visiting Researchers in UH Laboratories

Persons 18 years of age and above, not affiliated with the University will be allowed to visit, volunteer in, access, participate and/or conduct academic research at the University of Houston (UH) under the direction or mentorship of a UH Sponsor.

Refer to EHS Policy Governing Visiting Researchers in UH Laboratories.

UH Sponsor who is hosting a Visiting Researcher at UH laboratories as part of an educational research experience (not under UH employment and not a UH student) must complete the following prior to engaging the Visiting Researcher in laboratory research activities:

  • Submit the Visiting Researcher Application Form, obtain EHS written recommendations*, Department Chair/College Dean approval
  • Obtain signed Release and Indemnification Agreement* “Consent Form” from the Visiting Researcher
  • My UHID or PeopleSoft ID # from Department Business Office

*EHS will provide the UH Release and Indemnification Agreement form after initial review of application.