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Laboratory Access and Security

Laboratories contain hazardous materials and sources of energy. Securing these materials, intellectual property and all laboratory infrastructure is everyone's responsibility to prevent theft or diversion of hazardous materials and equipment as well as the safety of laboratory personnel and members of the university community.

Principal Investigators (PI) must ensure the laboratory is duly registered with Environmental Health and Safety and implement controlled access to restrict access to all unauthorized personnel. Other considerations for all PIs and laboratory personnel:

  • Keep all laboratory doors locked when unattended and closed from unauthorized personnel and visitors.
  • Instruct laboratory personnel in laboratory security controls.
  • Ensure visitors and contractors have escorted access to the laboratory.
  • Always keep your keys or access cards in your possession.
  • Track hazardous material procurements up to delivery, verify receipt and proper storage.
  • Update your material inventories (biological, chemical, and radiological) annually.
  • Implement increased security controls around biological, chemical, and radiological materials in your laboratory.
  • Report losses of sensitive material and equipment in your inventory immediately.
  • Report theft or diversion of dual-use chemicals or materials that may be used for illegal activities immediately.
For laboratory security issues, suspicious activities, missing and unaccounted loss of equipment or material, contact the university of Houston Police Department at 713-743-3333.