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Laboratory Personnel

Laboratory personnel are individuals who work in the laboratory including Principal Investigator (PI), researchers, laboratory technicians, undergraduate and graduate students, visiting researchers and minors in laboratories, laboratory volunteers and any other support personnel. In addition to instructing laboratory personnel on specific procedures and equipment, the Principal Investigator has overall responsibility for all laboratory operations as well as the safety of personnel and compliance of all activities undertaken in the laboratory. As a laboratory personnel, you must:  

  • Complete the General Laboratory Safety Orientation and other laboratory-specific trainings provided by EHS or Principal Investigator before undertaking any activity in the laboratory.
  • Plan and conduct laboratory operations in accordance with laboratory specific standard operating procedures.
  • Report all hazardous conditions and unsafe work practices to your Principal Investigator or laboratory designee.
  • Wear or use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Report any job-related injuries or illnesses to his/her Principal Investigator, EHS and seek attention immediately.
  • Refrain from the operation of any equipment or instrumentation without proper instruction and authorization.
  • Remain aware of the hazards from chemicals, biological agents, and radioactive materials in the laboratory and how to handle them safely.
  • Request information and training when unsure how to handle a hazardous materials or equipment.