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Visiting Researchers, Minor in Laboratories, Tour & Observation of Laboratories

Laboratories contain hazardous materials; physical hazards, hazardous chemical, biological, or radiological agents are used or stored, and in some cases, laboratory animals are present. For these purposes, persons below the age of 15 may not participate in educational or clinical activities except approved by the University. Other locations like mechanical rooms, machine shops, electrical rooms, equipment rooms and other areas with potential for unusual hazards should be taken into consideration as well.

  • Field Trips and Guided Tours of research facilities or laboratories for educational purposes, especially for K-12 grade level students must be arranged with the department and faculty sponsor to ensure the visit is consistent with university guideliens and that safety issues are addressed prior to the visit. See Observation and Tour of Research Laboratories for more information
  • Minor children under 14 years of age are not permitted in UH research laboratories, animal facilities or locations where unusual hazards might be present. Minors who accompany UH employees to the workplace must always remain under adult supervision for safety reasons. See Minors at University of Houston Laboratories for more information
  • Visiting Researchers and Volunteers at UH research laboratories must be approved by their department and sponsoring Faculty or Research Center Director, provided with requisite safety training prior to starting start of activities. Individuals under 18 years of age may not volunteer in the laboratory in any capacity. See Visiting Researchers in UH Laboratories for more information

Key Considerations:

  • Minors and Visiting Researchers and persons on tour of laboratories and associated work environments must always be supervised.
  • Required trainings must be completed prior to start of activities
  • Medical screening (if needed) must be completed before activities may begin
  • Report accidents and injuries immediately to EHS and Risk Management
  • Provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment
  • Laboratory hosting the Minor(s), Visiting Researcher(s), Volunteers or giving tours must comply with all safety policies, procedures, standards, and regulations.

Contact EHS for questions regarding Visiting Researchers and/or Minors in Laboratories.