McKell Peidl - University of Houston
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McKell Peidl (She/Hers)

Career Development Specialist

Liaison to the College of Arts, College of Architecture, and Valenti School of Communication.

McKell serves as the Career Development Specialist for Arts, Design, Media, and Communications. As a Career Development Specialist, she works with students through their major or career exploration, supports students to prepare strong application materials, teaches students strategies on how to have the confidence in their own skills and abilities, and provides individual recommendations based on student needs.

McKell earned her Bachelor of Science degree in psychology with a minor in sociology from Weber State University. She then went on to earn her Master of Education degree in psychology with a specialization in professional school counseling from Utah State University.

During her time in graduate school at Utah State University, McKell worked with children with autism spectrum disorder as a registered behavior technician, and she also worked as a graduate instructor at Utah State University, where she taught a course that focused on assisting students in developing skills to help them succeed in college. After graduating with her master’s degree, McKell went on to work as a school counselor, both in Utah and in Texas. During her years as a school counselor, she helped students develop skills to help them thrive socially, emotionally, and academically.

McKell recently worked as an access coordinator at the Justin Dart, Jr. Student Accessibility Center at the University of Houston, where she was able to learn the importance in advocating for accessibility for students with disabilities. It has always been a goal for her to let students know that they belong and have a place at school.

McKell has a passion for working with students of all ages and she uses a warm, empathetic approach as she assists them in getting career ready. Visit Cougar Pathway to schedule an appointment with her today!