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Information for COE Students: Returning and Students on Academic Warning, Probation & Suspension

Information for Transfer Students, Students on Academic Probation / Suspension & Students Returning from an interruption in education.

The College of Education is interested in the success of all students.  Whether you are a transfer student, a student on academic probation, or a student returning from suspension, we care about your education, your goals, and your personal success.  No matter the type of assistance you need, we will do our best to help connect you to the right person or resource!

Check the requirements for readmission in the major of your choice to ensure you qualify for admission to that major. You will submit your application via ApplyTexas, as well as the required documents, before the deadline on the Admissions website.

Email Laura Lee an essay (make sure your name / student ID is on the essay) with the following
• The major you are seeking
• Reason you are interested in that particular major
• What caused you to be placed on academic probation or suspension
• Lessons learned
• At least three actionable plans you will put in place for your success
• Details about the plans and how you will implement the plans

Your essay should be well written with no grammatical / spelling errors. All essays should be emailed to Ms. Lee no later than 5pm on the admissions deadline date.

You will receive notification via email of your acceptance or denial. All students who are readmitted to the college will follow a specific growth plan which must be completed in order to continue enrollment.

Readmission is not guaranteed. Notifications will be sent no later than one week prior to term start. Students will not be enrolled in closed classes.