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ELPS Chair's Welcome


I am delighted to serve as chair of the Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies (ELPS) at the University of Houston College of Education, a Tier One public institution dedicated to student success. Our department’s mission is to cultivate scholar-practitioners who are not only knowledgeable but also deeply committed to promoting justice and equity in education.

We firmly believe in the importance of ethical leadership that places the needs of students and communities at the forefront. Our aim is to prepare individuals who possess the skills and values necessary to lead with integrity and advocate for fairness in educational settings.

By emphasizing the development of ethically centered scholar-practitioners, we are dedicated to nurturing a new generation of leaders who will actively work toward creating a more just and equitable educational system. We believe that education should be a catalyst for positive social change, and we strive to ensure that our graduates are prepared to make a meaningful impact in this regard.

As the chair of ELPS, I am honored to be a part of a department that is deeply committed to our mission. We are excited to connect with individuals who share our passion for justice and equity in education, and we look forward to exploring opportunities to collaborate and make a difference together.

Kristen Hassett, Ph.D.
Clinical Professor and Department Chair