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ELPS Chair's Welcome

directory-horn.jpgIt is my distinct privilege to serve as chair of the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies. Our department prioritizes the importance of a connected K-20 education pipeline and the role that strong leadership and well-honed policy can play in ameliorating challenges and increasing opportunities for success for all students.

We capitalize on the unique opportunity of undertaking and evolving our collective endeavors in the context of both the University of Houston and Texas as real-time bellwethers for the nation 50 years forward. This privileged position affords us the chance to engage in collaborative work aimed at addressing the urgent challenges felt in our communities, in the state, nationally and internationally. I am especially proud that in all these efforts, we recognize the necessity of collaborative and multiple disciplinary perspectives as leverage in service to solving intractable problems.

Most important, our department’s work contributes substantially to a collective commitment to the improved educational experiences and outcomes of millions of elementary, secondary and college students locally, nationally and abroad.

We look forward to opportunities to connect with you.

Catherine Horn, Ph.D.
Moores Professor and Chair, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies