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Faculty Labs & Research 


As part of a Tier One public research institution, our faculty in the UH College of Education engage in innovative scholarship on society’s most pressing issues in education and health. Collaboration is valued — across disciplines, with students and with community partners. Our researchers have received funding from a variety of agencies, including the U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and private foundations.

Research Clusters

  • Childhood development
  • College access and success
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Education policy
  • Families and relationships
  • Health disparities
  • K-12 education
  • Mental health
  • School leadership
  • Special education

Research Labs 

Faculty research labs often offer opportunities for students to work as researchers; please contact the lab director if interested. 

  • BOUNCE (Behavior Opportunities Uniting Nutrition, Coaching & Exercise) 
    • Director: Norma Olvera 
    • BOUNCE is a community outreach and research initiative dedicated to reducing obesity-related diseases among underserved communities in Houston. 
  • I AM Lab (Identity & Academic Motivation) 
    • Director: Allison Master 
    • The team’s research focuses on how students’ identity affects their motivation in school, with an emphasis on STEM subjects. 
  • NCRED (National Center for Research on Educator Diversity) 
    • Director: Conra Gist 
    • The center serves as a research hub committed to dismantling inequity in teacher development systems through supporting the academic and professional advancement of diverse educators. 
  • PASS Research Team (Promoting Academic Skills Success)  
    • Director: Milena Keller-Margulis 
    • The team’s research focuses on the use of curriculum-based measurement (CBM) to support students at-risk for poor academic outcomes.
  • Social Development Lab  
    • Director: Julie Dunsmore
    • The team’s research focuses on how emotion socialization processes are embedded within, shaped by, and convey meaning for multilayered socio-cultural contexts. 

The information above is not a comprehensive list of research activity in the College.