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UH Inauguration Watch Party Streamed Nationally

February 7, 2017 – The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) and Student Centers hosted an Inauguration Watch Party on January 20, 2017 for the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. This non-partisan event was the last in a series of 2016 Election events designed to provide the University of Houston (UH) community with a unique civic engagement opportunity.

Throughout the fall, CSI, the Student Centers, the Student Government Association, and the
Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County collaborated to host Debate Watch Parties for the
Presidential and Vice-Presidential Debates. The Election Night coverage was streamed live both in the
Student Centers and on an outdoor screen as part of the Homecoming event, Color Me Houston. In
total, over 700 students attended these events.

Impressed by the diversity of the student body, ABC News contacted the CSI with the hope of live
streaming the UH Inauguration Watch Party. While ABC Digital had live stream coverage across the
country, UH was the only institution of higher education selected by ABC Digital to host a live steam
event. Multiple students had the opportunity to be interviewed during the event and share their
thoughts about the inauguration and the future of politics in America. The video below highlights three
UH students who were interviewed during the live stream.

The Inauguration Watch Party, and all of the 2016 Election events, have fostered a deeper sense of
engagement for students at UH. Katy Kaesebier, the Associate Director of Leadership and Civic
Engagement in CSI, said, “The UH community has been talking about politics and the issues impacting
our communities at a higher level than we see during non-election years. The goal moving forward is to
maintain this level of engagement and provide ways for our students to continue to feel connected to
the community. Whether it is through volunteering, engaging in dialogues, or participating in a wide
range of educational opportunities, we want our students to understand the concrete actions they can
take to positively impact the world around them.”

About the Center for Student Involvement:
Under the Division of Student Affairs and Enrollment Services the Center for Student Involvement provides involvement opportunities for students at the University of Houston main campus. The University of Houston’s diverse population ensures that there is a place for everyone, and The Center for Student Involvement helps each student find it. Over 500 student organizations are registered with Center for Student Involvement and it is the central location for leadership programs and civic engagement opportunities. Advising staff assist fee-funded groups with the event planning of campus events and traditions. The guidance and educational experiences offered by the department cultivates skills that will be useful for a lifetime.