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LeadUH, Leadership Exploration and Development for the UH Community

Housed within the Center for Student Involvement, LeadUH provides an accessible, engaging, and customizable leadership training program for the UH community by highlighting the wealth of academic, professional, and personal development resources across campus.

LEADUH Opportunities

  • Ignite Leadership Program

    The Ignite program is a foundational leadership development program for UH students who want to develop their leadership skills, confidence, and be a part of a positive leadership community. Through teaching core competencies and building self- awareness the program aims to inspire and empower like-minded students at the University of Houston to be involved campus leaders.

  • CoogCareers

    Discover your career path and connect with employers during one on one career counseling sessions, career panels, employer mock-interviews, and networking events. Throughout the semester University Career Services offers walk-in hours, and weekly workshops for more tips and tools to explore your path to success!

  • SOLD

    Student Organization Leadership Development (SOLD) sessions are available to provide foundational education for student organization leaders or aspiring leaders to effectively manage and lead their organizations. Students are able to gain insight and expertise from others around the UH Community while discovering their abilities in areas such as decision making, money management, goal-setting, event planning and more.


    The Student Organization Leadership and Advancement Retreat (SOLAR) is a half-day, comprehensive strength-based learning experience for student leaders of Registered Student Organizations. SOLAR is offered exclusively to Student Leaders of Registered Student Organizations. The retreat will provide understanding of students’ personal strengths, talents, and show students how to apply what they have learned in a personal and professional environment.

  • RISE

    RISE is an introductory (level 1) diversity certificate program for students. The program provides engaging workshops and programs aimed at increasing students’ knowledge and understanding of their own culture and the culture of others. Improvement in these areas enhance students’ ability to effectively engage and work with diverse populations.

  • Empower

    The Empower Women’s Leadership Conference provides the opportunity for students to build their leadership presence, understand gender-related leadership issues, and build a foundation for continued leadership development and success. Through this conference, students will explore topics such as women’s leadership, gender roles, and intersectionality.

  • Affirm LGBTQ Ally Leadership Program

    LGBTQ Resource Center offers an ally leadership program, for all students. The program provides engaging workshops and programs that increase students’ knowledge and understanding of the lives of LGBTQ people. Students will also gain skills in how to be an effective ally to the LGBTQ community. Improvement in these areas enhance students’ ability to effectively engage and work with diverse populations.

  • Source of Strength

    Source of Strength (SOS) is a leadership program designed for students who are members of the Cougars in Recovery community. This semester-long mentoring program will help participants develop their leadership in the areas of their academics, the community, and their personal leadership style.

  • Lead360

    Lead360 is a cohort style leadership program exploring civic engagement, social change, and community leadership. Through this 8-week program, students will be placed in small groups and attend a series of 2-hour workshops to learn more about these topics.

  • Blueprint RSO Diversity Institute

    Join us for this one-day institute hosted by the Center for Student Involvement and the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. Blueprint is focused on helping you create your own "blueprint" to make your Registered Student Organization more welcoming and engaging for your members.

  • Pathways Professional Development Program

    Pathways is a LeadUH program designed for leaders in University Sponsored and Affiliated Organizations (USO and AO). Through engaging in Pathways, students will deepen their connection to a community of diverse leaders including alumni, staff, and other student leaders. Pathways will help USO and AO leaders discover their abilities in areas such as decision making, communication, leadership, and personal development.

Collaborate with LeadUH

Our leadership programs are offered from faculty & staff from across campus which introduces students to various aspects of leadership in multiple departments. In turn, campus offices have the opportunity to design specialty programs, highlighting skill sets in their fields and gain more access to the diverse student population of UH. For more information about how your department can collaborate with our leadership program, please contact us at (832) 842-6253.