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Scholarships and Undergraduate Research Funding


Department of Economics Scholarship

Joel Sailors Scholarship in Economics: Several scholarships available for junior and senior economics majors ranging from $500 to $800 per semester.  

CLASS Scholarship

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences each year awards a number of scholarships to honor students while they are in the process of completing a degree at the University of Houston. The amount of award varies for each scholarship, and ranges from $500 to $1,200.

American Economic Association Summer Training and Minorities Fellowships

The Program is a six-week intensive curriculum that was designed to help talented undergraduate students learn skills and conduct research in economics in preparation for studies at the doctoral level. Stipend and living expenses are provided for qualifying students.

student1Testimonial from one of our students that has participated in the program:

“I felt like the program provided a very wide understanding of academia and the PhD process as a whole. My experience as a part of the program was great and one of the most important of my academic career."

Undergraduate Research Funding


The Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program at the University of Houston (SURF-UH) seeks to provide funding for rising UH sophomores, juniors, and seniors to participate in a focused, full-time, 10-week research experience (June 2nd - August 8th) under the direction of UH faculty.

Testimonial from one of our students that has been granted the SURF:

student2"Having heard about the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship, I decided to apply in order to receive funding to support my research endeavors. As someone who identifies both as queer and as a leader-in-the-making, I feel passionate about better understanding the connections between queer identity and leadership development of young people. Through the experience, I hoped to further cultivate and apply quantitative analysis skills, which I learned in economics, as a critical tool to understanding social issues.  During the three months of full-time research, I also strengthened my skills, not only in data analysis, but also in areas such as scientific method, citation management and survey design. I believe research in all fields of study will challenge us, as students in economics, to refine our quantitative skills and increase our qualitative insights."

Summer Undergraduate Internship Program at University of Michigan

The ICPSR summer internship program provides undergraduate students with a unique and expansive research experience that introduces all aspects of social science research and includes supported exploration of a research query from start to finish, data management training, and focused methodological education in quantitative research. This prepares interns for capstone or senior thesis projects, graduate school, and/or research-based employment opportunities. The internship program is excellent preparation for advanced studies and careers in data science and social science research.