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Undergraduate Advising

Students interested in Economics major are encouraged to meet Ms. Emily Chiang and Ms. Kimberly Gray, the undergraduate advisors and Dr. Ruxandra Boul, the undergraduate program director. Economics majors should also meet with Ms. Emily Chiang and Ms. Kimberly Gray on a regular basis to ensure timely progress on their degree requirements.

Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advisor

Kimberly Gray
Phone: 713-743-7493
Office: 208 A
Last names: A-L

Emily Chiang
Phone: 713-743-6832
Office: 208 B
Last names: M-Z

Undergraduate Program Director

Ruxandra Prodan-Boul
Phone: 713-743-3836
Office: 201 E

Faculty Led Advising Sessions

Every semester, before the beginning of registration, the Economics Department offers a faculty led advising session. Student will be able to

  • Discuss with faculty their career choice
  • Get advice on course selection to fulfill a certain career path
  • Get information on a suitable graduate program and learn what it takes to get in a good graduate program
  • Learn more about undergraduate research and scholarship opportunities

The next sessions (Spring 2019) are schedule to take place in McElhinney building:

Session 1: TBA

Session 2: TBA