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Special Events

Fitness Challenges and Programs

Campus Recreation Fitness challenges and programs will motivate you to move your body and is a great way to help you stick to those workout resolutions whether you are a beginner or an expert. Join us on the last Wednesday of every month for the potential to win a prize and have fun!

Activity Tracker

Participants will complete a form to track their fitness program activities. They can scan a QR code to enter their activity (Group fitness, registered for small group training, participating in program events). Ask the attendants at the fitness zone desk for your total points.

Attend a Workshop   10
Attend any UH Rec Fitness Related Event  20
Attend a Personal Trainer or Fitness Instructor Interest Meeting 20
Attend an Instructor Training Series  40
Attended a Group Fitness Class  10
Complete a Satisfaction Survey  30
Complete a Workout  10
Completed Personal Training Sessions   50
Invite a friend to a Group Fitness Class 30
Participated in Monthly Challenge 10
Purchased Fitness Assessments  40
Purchased Personal Training Sessions 50
Refer a friend to Small Group Training or Personal Training 30
Register for AFAA or NASM Certification course 50
Registered for a Small Group Training  40
Request a Nutrition Consultation   20
Request a Trainer 20
Request for FIT FOR HIRE   40
Talk to a Trainer   10
Winner of Monthly Challenge    30


1000 points     Shirts/Challenge Accepted Tanks
2000 points     Paracord Bracelets
3000 points     Mystery 
4000 points     Free Fitness Programming (1)
5000 points     20% off Nutrition Consultation/Free (1)
6000 points     Free Assessment (1) 
7000 points     Free Session with a Trainer (1)

EveryBody Week

Love everybody week is dedicated to body positivity during the week of Valentine's day. Register for the event to enter a prize drawing. Brought to you in collaboration with UH Wellness. All activities will be held at the CRWC lobby.

   February 13 - 17 | Free

  • 13 - Body Outline and write in positive epressions about yourself
  • 14 - Make your Own Trail Mix | 11am - 1pm 
    • Attend any Group Fitness Class
  • 15 - Massage Therapy | 11 am - 2pm | MP4  
  • 16 - Trash Your Insecurities | 11am - 1pm
    • Participate in a group fitness class
  • 17 - Take a selfie at the photo booth and/or
    • Write positive affirmations on the board 

Strong Coog Party

Strong Coogs party celebrates people as they break their personal records in squats, bench press, and deadlifts. The crowd will cheer each other on. Our personal trainers will assist with each lift. All fitness levels are welcome. Register for the Strong Coog Opens Monday, February 20 -Wednesday, March 8 @ 4pm

   March 8 | 4 - 7 pm | Free

National Exercise Day

Personal trainers will have a client appreciation day to thank their clients for training with them. Trainers and clients will have a potluck to celebrate their progress. The clients can challenge their trainers to a fitness competition. Register online and come out for fun.

   April 18| All day | Free

Client Appreciation Day

Participate in any fitness program for national exercise day. Register for any group fitness class and/or monthly challenge and receive a prize.

   May 1| 5 - 7 pm | CRWC 1004 | Free


January: Tire Challenge

Patrons are invited to come out to see who can flip a tire the most times in 90 seconds. Compete in categories for men and women. Each patron must ensure a fitness staff member verifies the number of times they flip the tire in 90 seconds. The man and woman with the most tire flips will be declared the winners. Winners will be announced and win a shirt.

February: Pull Ups

Compete for the chance to be named "Top Coog". Pull-ups require almost every muscle group in your upper body from your fingers to shoulders, back and core. Pull-up challenges are an all-in-one exercise and perfect for beginners or intermediate users. They give you sculpted shoulders, back and abs. Top scores will be posted throughout the month on the whiteboard and on social media. Winner names and pictures will be announced on social media and prizes will be awarded.

March: Battle Rope

Ropes can develop strength throughout the entire body through a variety of exercises that vary in coordination demands and intensity. Can you keep up with the beat? Slam the battle rope to the beat of the metronome for as long as you can. The person with the longest time will win a shirt.

April: Core Bag

One of the most versatile tools you’re probably not using, a core bag is great for when you want to work out but don’t want to spend all day working out. The Core bag is designed with handles and an optimum height off the floor, allowing you to mimic complex, compound movements like the Clean (Olympic Lift). How fast can you complete 15 back squats, 10 cleans, and 15 walking lunges with the core bags? Top scores will be posted throughout the month on the whiteboard and on social media. Winner names and pictures will be announced on social media and prizes will be awarded.

May: Cycling

Join us on a bike to try something new and challenge your cycling abilities! How many miles can you cycle in 2 minutes? Winner names and pictures will be announced on social media and prizes will be awarded.