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  • Dinler Amaral Antunes
    Computational Biology, Structural Bioinformatics, Immunology, T-cell-based Immunotherapy
  • Ricardo Azevedo
    (Associate Chair for Graduate Affairs) Evolutionary Genetics
  • Tasneem Bawa-Khalfe
    Post-translational Modifications, Ubiquitin/SUMO, Chromatin Remodeling, Cell-Cell Adhesion, Cancer Metastasis
  • James Briggs
    Computational Biochemistry/Biophysics; Computer-Aided Drug Design
  • Sanghyuk Chung
    Roles of hormones and their receptors in HPV-induced cervical cancer
  • Blaine Cole
    Evolution of Social Behavior and Origin of Complex Traits
  • Kerri Crawford
    Plant community ecology, ecological consequences of biodiversity, and plant-microbe interactions
  • Brigitte Dauwalder
    Genetic and Molecular Control of Complex Behaviors in Drosophila
  • Anne Delcour
    (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies) Electrophysiology of Bacterial Pores
  • Stuart Dryer
    Development and Molecular Neurobiology
  • Qin Feng
    Chromatin, Epigenetics, and Gene Regulation
  • George Fox
    (Policy Leader, Biochemistry) RNA Structure, Function, and Evolution
  • Robert Fox
    The Physical Basis of Protein Structure and Function
  • Tony Frankino
    (Associate Chair for Undergraduate Affairs) Evolution & Development; Ecology & Evolution of Multivariate Morphological Phenotypes
  • Masaya Fujita
    Microbial Development and Gene Regulation
  • Dan Graur
    Theoretical Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics
  • Preethi Gunaratne
    Genomics, Developmental Biology and microRNAs underlying Gene Networks in Stem and Tumor Cells
  • Jan-Åke Gustafsson
    Nuclear receptors (NRs), esp. estrogen receptors and LXR receptors, NR comodulators
  • Erin Kelleher
    Evolutionary genomics of reproductive biology and small RNA mediated silencing in Drosophila
  • Seema Khurana
    Regulation of Epithelial Cell Biology and Pathobiology by Actin and Actin-Binding Proteins
  • Arne Lekven
    Vertebrate development, gene regulation, cell signaling
  • Chin-Yo Lin
    Mechanisms of Transcriptional Regulation by Estrogen Receptor Alpha
  • Yu Liu
    Mechanisms of heart development and diseases
  • Frank McKeon
    Adult Stem Cells, Transcription Factor, Cell Cycle, Cancer, Tissue Regeneration
  • Richard Meisel
    Evolutionary and functional genomics
  • Mary Ann Ottinger
    Interdisciplinary and Comparative Biology
  • Weiyi Peng
    Interplay between Cancer and the Immune System, Cancer Immunotherapy
  • Steven Pennings
    (Vice Chair) Plant Community Ecology and Plant-Herbivore Interactions
  • Michael Rea
    Neurobiology of Circadian Clock; Neurochemical Regulation of Circadian Phase
  • Amy Sater
    (Chair) Vertebrate Development; Neural Induction; Cell Signaling
  • Mehmet Şen
    Molecular basis of receptor function and ligand interactions in health and disease
  • Robert Schwartz
    Molecular Development and Drug Discovery
  • Michihisa Umetani
    Nuclear receptors, cholesterol metabolites and vascular biology
  • Yuhong Wang
    Single molecule study of ribosome-small molecule interactions in protein biosynthesis
  • Margaret Warner
    Ligand-activated Nuclear receptors in health and disease
  • Zhang Weihua
    Molecular mechanism of cancer metastasis
  • Dan Wells
    (Dean) Vertebrate Genetics and Genomics; Evolution of Development
  • William Widger
    Bioenergetics; Electron Transport; Photosynthesis; Cyanobacterial Genomics
  • Diane Wiernasz
    Ecological Genetics and Sexual Selection
  • Richard Willson
    Biomolecular Recognition, Diagnostics and Nanobiology
  • Hye-Jeong Yeo
    Structural Molecular Biology; X-ray Crystallography
  • Shaun Xiaoliu Zhang
    Cancer virotherapy, immunotherapy and gene therapy
  • Jokubas Ziburkus
    Neurophysiology of neuronal network interactions in normal and epileptic tissue
  • Rebecca Zufall
    (Policy Leader, Ecology and Evolution) Genome and Molecular Evolution; Evolution of Protists