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Student Film Projects

UH students working on student film projects may film on University property to fulfill requirements of a class project assigned by a faculty member for a grade or for the purposes of academic credit.

Registered student organizations are allowed to film the organization’s activities for archival purposes.

Student Filming Guidelines

  • Filming must be done in accordance with all University policy. All persons involved in the filming must adhere to Student Life Policies outlined in the UH Student Handbook, and abide by the codes of conduct described therein.
  • The project must not create safety hazard anyone involved in the project or to the campus community.
  • Students are responsible for obtaining permission for use of the location they wish to film.
  • Students must secure appropriate releases for all individuals appearing on-camera.
  • Students may be asked to pay for university services the film shoot incurs, which may include use of certain facilities.
  • Facsimile weapons, pyrotechnics, explosives, amplified sound, sound or visual effects and other props that would cause alarm to the campus community are prohibited.
  • Students wishing to commercialize work that includes the University’s name, logos or other trademarked images need to be granted a license from the University to use any trademarks.

Location Permissions

When requesting permission to use a space for academic credit filming, the student must provide all of the following information in writing to the dean’s or vice president’s office of the college or division, or the building manager of the desired facility that controls the indoor space that the student wishes to use:

  • Name and contact information for the student making the request;
  • Name and contact information for the faculty member who assigned the projects;
  • Project description, including the intended use of the resulting material, proposed number of crew, actors and/or other people involved in the project;
  • Proposed date(s) and time(s) for the production, including the duration of setup, shooting and equipment breakdown;
  • A description of the proposed equipment that will be used, including cameras, lights and props;
  • Specific site(s) requested, including all locations within the site including rooms, hallways other facilities within or on the outside premises of the requested facility;
  • Proposed electrical needs of the project, including use of electrical cords and equipment.

In addition to departmental approval, permission must be granted from individual faculty responsible for classrooms, clinical, laboratory or other research space. Any questions related to securing appropriate permissions should be directed to the faculty member who assigned the project.

Student Media

Student media organizations should refer to the news-related filming and photography guidelines.

Personal Photos/Video

Personal photos may be taken by students, parents, faculty, staff, alumni and other campus visitors for personal, non-commercial purposes. All photos and video taking on campus must be consistent with UH policy and not interfere with the ongoing operations of the University.

Unrelated Film Projects

Students, faculty or staff who wish to film projects unrelated to their studies should refer to the non-news, commercial filming guidelines. Non-news and commercial film projects require prior approval and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Insurance coverage is required and certain fees may apply.

For more information, visit Filming at UH.