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University Marketing and Communications

The mission of the Division of University Marketing and Communications is to enhance, amplify and protect the reputation of the University of Houston in order to invite top talent, attract support and advance the University’s mission of offering students nationally competitive opportunities for learning.

UMC Leadership

Our Goals

  • Building connections between the University and its constituents
  • Enhancing the image, reputation and visibility of the University
  • Fostering public awareness, understanding, trust and appreciation of the University
  • Inspiring support (including involvement, advocacy and financial support)
  • Instilling pride, preference and ownership of the University

Media Relations

The Media Relations team, which includes social media, tells the story of the University of Houston by highlighting the achievements of the institution and its faculty, staff and students, and collaborates closely with other communications teams throughout UH to share news and information.

Latest News

Social Media

Executive & Internal Communications

The Executive and Internal Communications team shares important information with the campus community through the UH Today e-newsletter, and provides a wide range of editorial support for the Office of the President and other executive units.

Academic Communications

The Academic Communications team leads communication efforts within the Office of the Provost, including crafting and distributing academic news and messages, and supporting the provost’s key initiatives.

University Marketing

University Marketing specializes in the development of integrated marketing and communication strategies to increase brand awareness and enhance the Universityʼs reputation. Our team partners with the UH community on institutional projects to ensure the integrity of the brand and help achieve University goals.

  • Men's Basketball Billboard

Web and Digital Strategy

The Web and Digital Strategy team drives online excellence, aligning with UMC goals and the President’s vision. We create an industry-leading website by embracing emerging trends and technologies, ensuring brand integrity, innovative templates, and accessibility, all while enhancing our online reputation across our diverse audiences.


Brand Management, Licensing & Trademarks

The Brand Management, Licensing & Trademarks team, which includes Creative Services, builds, stewards and protects the integrity of the University’s brand through a framework of strong, consistent presentation of the UH brand in all arenas. The team ensures cohesive use of the brand guidelines and brand identity, including trademarks and logos, for all UH communications, marketing and licensed merchandise.

Brand Fundamentals

The foundations of our messaging: Who we are and how we sound, including our Brand Pillars and Personality Traits.

Brand Identity

Willing to take risks, work hard, make tough choices and explore, even in the face of uncertainty or challenges. Undaunted.

Brand Protection

How to use the UH brand: Guidance for UH students, faculty, staff, licensees and third parties.

Brand Resources

A warmth, openness and acceptance of all. Genuine in our word and our tone.

Business Services

The Business Services team keeps the division operating at full throttle by providing the administrative, financial, IT and human resources support for UMC. We are responsible for budgeting, accounting and strategic oversight of the division’s information technology.