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News-related Filming and Photography

University of Houston accommodates reasonable requests for journalistic, news-related, non-commercial shooting by members of the media. News media refers to representatives of newspapers, magazines, newsletters, online publications, broadcast television and radio. For additional information, please visit the News Media Policy.

General Photography/Videography Information

  • News media may shoot news photography and videography in outdoor, public, non-restricted spaces on campus. News media representatives should, if necessary and appropriate, be accompanied by a media relations representative or a University employee designated by the Office of University Media Relations.
  • News media are asked to notify a media relations representative in the Office of University Media Relations when news-related shoots will occur in any public, outdoor area on campus.
  • Athletics media requests, including any requests related to athletic photos/video, student athletes, events and facilities, should be directed to Athletics Communications.
  • Permission to shoot news-related photography or filming in interior spaces is required in all circumstances. This includes but is not limited to the Student Center, MD Anderson Library, administration and office buildings, classrooms, laboratories, dining facilities and residences. Permission by the University, department and/or faculty member with responsibility for the space is required.
  • Any proposed releases, agreements or other legal documents that require a University signature must be submitted to the Office of Media Relations at least 30 days prior to the proposed shooting date. All documents will require review and approval by the University’s Office of Contract Administration.
  • If approved, news media representatives must be accompanied by a media relations representative or a University employee designated by the Office of Media Relations while shooting in residence halls.
  • Visitor parking is available in parking garages and metered visitor areas throughout campus. Parking assistance can also be arranged by contacting a media relations representative, especially when using live or satellite trucks. News media will be responsible for any citations that result from a failure to follow posted UH parking rules and regulations.

Requesting Assistance

The Office of University Media Relations is available to assist news media in finding subject-matter experts on various topics. Representatives are also available to assist news crews with shooting video or photography on campus, including helping to set up locations and, when permission has been granted, arranging access to restricted areas. For more information, contact Office of University Media Relations.

UH Photographs

Photographs provided by the Division of University Marketing and Communications are to be used – with appropriate credit – for editorial purposes only. Altering these photos in any way that changes the photographs' editorial content is prohibited. To request photos or video related to a news release distributed by the University, please contact the Office of Media Relations.

To request other University images or logos, or for more information on use of university logos, please visit Licensing and Trademarks.

Studio facilities

UH has an on-campus video and photo studio available to the news media on a first-come, first-served basis for interviewing or photographing faculty and staff. For more information email Greg Ortiz at

For more information, visit Filming at UH.