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UH Internal Film Projects

UH departments, colleges and other established units of the University of Houston are permitted to shoot video or contract video services for the purpose of video production related to the department. All vendors should be secured in accordance with UH and UH System purchasing guidelines.

Sponsoring Commercial Film Shoots

UH divisions, colleges and other established units who wish to sponsor a commercial film shoot on campus that is directly related to their programs or initiatives (but is not related to an internal contract for video services) will work directly with the requesting company (or its production company) to seek appropriate approvals and execute the required documentation, including the facility license agreement and required insurance. All documents should be executed through a college or division administrator and can only be signed by University officials with signatory authority. Please refer to the non-news, commercial film shoot guidelines.

Internal Film Project Guidelines

This applies to projects shot by UH videographers or productions companies secured through a UH contract and to be distributed by the University.

  • Filming must not be disruptive and must be done in accordance with all University policy.
  • UH divisions, colleges and other established units are responsible for securing appropriate releases, including the authorization for use of image, voice, performance, artwork for license for all individuals appearing on-camera. An authorization to release educational records is needed if a UH student is shown on camera or is discussing his/her personal educational records in communications released by the University. Releases should be maintained by each department.
  • UH divisions, colleges and other established units are responsible for obtaining permission for use of the location they wish to film.
  • UH divisions, colleges and other established units may be asked to pay for university services the film shoot incurs, which may include use of certain facilities.
  • Any special accommodations or services related to the film shoot must be arranged by the division or college, including any special parking, or facilities and maintenance needs.
  • All vendors should be secured in accordance with UH System purchasing guidelines.
  • Videos created by or for UH division, departments, colleges and other established units and featuring UH’s name, logo or other imagery are considered advertising and must be submitted to the UH Office of Marketing brand review team at least 48 hours prior to dissemination or release. If a vendor is producing the video, it is recommended that the brand review team be involved in the final review before the conclusion of services, should any changes need to be made.

On-Campus Resources

The Division of University Marketing, Communication and Media Relations does not offer video production services. However, several on-campus resources are available:

Faculty/Staff Projects Unrelated to UH

Students, faculty or staff who wish to film projects unrelated to their studies, departments or academic units would need to refer to the non-news, commercial filming guidelines. Projects falling under this category will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Insurance is required and certain fees may apply.

For more information, visit Filming at UH.