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Stay on Track with your Learning Abroad Application Process


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Learn the basics at Learning Abroad 101 & create your traveler profile on ViaTRM

Students should create a traveler profile on  ViaTRM . After creating a profile, students can answer program matching questions that will identify initial program options to best fit their goals and needs. 

All students must attend a Learning Abroad 101 workshop before they can be advised. For this week's workshop date and time, please visit the Learning Abroad 101 page. Can't make a workshop? Stop by for  walk-in advising led by Global Guides. Walk-ins are not held during the summer sesssions.

Walk-in advising  is an excellent resource for students who are not sure how to decide on a program or who want first-hand information about a particular program or geographical location. Visit the Global Guides webpage for bios of each Global Guide and more information .

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Start your program search & find classes to fit your degree

Find the program to fit your needs based on class options & course credit, budget, and timing. All students going abroad for credit must have a 2.5 GPA, or they must adhere to the GPA Waiver process. No student with below a 2.0 may participate in a Learning Abroad program. 

Identify 1-3 programs that would be a good fit for you, and meet with your advisor to talk it over.  

Need some help? Attend a Scholarship Workshop, or walk-in advising with  Global Guides to ask questions and get help along your journey! Walk-in hours can be seen on the previous step.

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Meet with a Learning Abroad advisor & narrow your search

Once you have a better idea of what classes you want to take abroad, when you want to go, and what programs might fit you best, schedule an advising meeting with a Learning Abroad advisor on  Navigate . You will find us under "Support Services." Select your major to be assigned to the appropriate advisor.

Looking to earn course credit while abroad? Students must follow the Course Equivalency Form process. All approved forms should be submitted to Learning Abroad. For more information, visit the academics section of our Policies & Guidelines page. 

Advisors are assigned by intended area of study, research, or internship. 
Madison Rendall - Liberal Arts & Social Sciences, Arts, Languages
Maggie Mahoney - Honors, Education, Nursing, Business, Natural Science & Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Hotel & Restaurant Management, Graduate College of Social Work, Architecture, Medical & Professional Studies, Hobby School of Public Affairs, Reciprocal Exchanges, Faculty-Led Program Support, Service Learning Groups

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Apply for your program in ViaTRM & with your program provider/faculty leader

Students must apply for their programs with Learning Abroad in ViaTRM  as well as applying with their program provider/partner institution/faculty leader. 

Faculty-Led Programs: Apply directly with the faculty leader first before applying with Learning Abroad.

Apply for your program by the application deadlines listed below. REEP application deadlines may vary; please read the program information on the REEP program page for more information. Applicaitons must be received in ViaTRM by these deadlines to be elligible to go abroad. 

Summer Virtual 2021: April 15, 2021

Fall 2021: June 1, 2021

Students with a GPA below 2.0 are not eligible to participate in learning abroad programs. Review Learning Abroad's Policies and Guidelines pages for information on GPA and other eligibility requirements. 

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Complete required paperwork & your ViaTRM checklist

Once accepted, complete the forms on your ViaTRM dashboard. Required forms are also accessible on the Forms section of the Policies & Guidelines page. 

All students participating in a Learning Abroad program are required to have international medical and emergency insurance.  UH has partnered with CISI to offer the most cost-effective and robust international insurance package available to our students and faculty leaders. For more information, visit the Health and Safety page on CISI Insurance

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Attend mandatory pre-departure orientation

All students are required to attend pre-departure orientation. Faculty-led pre-departures are held at the discretion and direction of the faculty leaders and are not scheduled by Learning Abroad. 

Pre-departure orientations are held at the end of each semester. Find dates and times on the Events and Outreach page.

Students are highly encouraged to register for the U.S. Department of State Smart Traveler Enrolment Program before going abroad.

For additional student resources to best help prepare students to go abroad, please visit our Student Resources page. We support all students going abroad, regardless of identity or ability.