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Global Guides

Applications to be a Global Guide for the 2024-2025 academic year are due on Sunday, June 9th, 2024.

Apply here!

What are Global Guides?

Global Guides serve as ambassadors for Learning Abroad at on-campus events, mentor fellow students on learning abroad program opportunities, and assist with office events and initiatives. The Global Guides have either lived abroad or have participated in a learning abroad program in the past. They are an excellent resource for students who aren’t sure how to decide on a program or who want first-hand information about a particular program or geographical location.

Global Guides are required to table each week and attend monthly meetings, help at the Fall and Spring fairs, do two classroom presentations per semester, and help at one additional Learning Abroad or Global Guide event per month. These positions are on a volunteer basis, and students seeking benefits such as personal and professional development and office experience are encouraged to apply.

Join the Global Guides Office Hours to hear more about Learning Abroad! 
12-2 pm Tuesdays & Wednesdays and 12-1 pm Thursdays
See our events page for more details


Global Guides Biographies


Michelle C., Lead Global Guide

Pronouns: She/They/He
Major: Psychology   
Minor: Human Resource Management
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Summer 2023 UH Faculty-Led program in Taiwan
International Experience: Hong Kong, China
Ask Me About:
Being a first generation college student abroad
Faculty led programs
Dorm life in Taiwan

Studying abroad has made me more confident in myself. I was able to navigate through tough situations, pull through intensive language courses, and become more open-hearted than ever! I was able to deeply bond with friends in the program by experiencing Taiwan together for the first time and make Taiwanese friends who introduced us warmly to their culture. I feel like I finally had the unique college experience that I missed out during the pandemic.
Learning abroad expanded my perspective about how many opportunities were out there in the world for us. Although traveling without my family was scary at first, I never regretted a second of it. As a global guide, I hope to gift the same exciting experience to any prospective students who are considering learning abroad!  


Sophia G., Lead Global Guide

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Biotechnology
Minor: Medicine and Society 
Class Year:
Learning Abroad Program: Spring 2022 Reciprocal Exchange, Aarhus School of Marine and Techonology Engineering   
International Experience: I have been to over 40 countries!A
Ask Me About:
Living with a host family
Being a STEM student abroad
Solo traveling abroad

When I first made the decision to study abroad, I was scared. My biggest worries were being away from my family and friends for an extended period of time and having to navigate a new country and culture by myself. In the seven months I was there, I learned that I had absolutely nothing to be scared of. I made lifelong friends, countless core memories, traveled to ten countries, and experienced firsthand a vastly different culture and way of life. Being abroad allowed me to not only develop independence, but also to figure out the person I am and who I want to be. In the future, I know I will look back at learning abroad as being a significant turning point in my life.  


Angel P.

Major:  Entrepreneurship & Finance
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Summer 2023 CEACAPA Study Abroad Family Business and Entrepreneurship in Florence, Italy
International Experience: I have lived in Mexico
Ask Me About: 
I'm a First generation college student
This was my first time traveling solo for a long time
I'm a double major
I'm just a regular person like you and everyone else

Studying abroad had opened new doors for me, not only personal and professional but also mental. I have been able to connect with people outside of the US and learn how their way of doing business differentiate internationally, I have also seen the similarities on how different companies operate. In the process I have gained new friends, meaningful connections and new memories that will stay with me trough life. I genuinely feel as if the doors to the outside world have opened up and have prepared me to go anywhere without fearing the unknown.


Hannah R. 

Pronouns: She/Her
Major:  Psychology & Chinese Studies
Minor: Global Engagement and Research
Class Year:  Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Summer 2023 UH Faculty-Led program in Taiwan
International Experience: France, Italy, Spain
Ask Me About: 
Solo traveling abroad
Learning a language

I think learning abroad broadened my perspective. Seeing how countries navigate conversations or eat food made me appreciative of how vast the world is. I also love how learning abroad made me more aware of the minute differences within my own country/state. For example, I began noticing how grocery stores are run differently even when they are only ten minutes apart.    


Kyvana N.

Pronouns: She/Her
Major: Marketing
Class Year:  Senior
Learning Abroad Program:
AIFS Affiliated Partner Program in Florence, Italy
International Experience: 
Vatican City, France, Ireland, England, Germany, Spain, Monaco, Peru, Honduras, Mexico
Ask Me About:
Solo traveling and staying in hostels alone
First generation college student abroad
Woman of Color abroad experience

Studying abroad allowed me to discover new parts of myself. As daunting as it sounds, being completely alone in a country can feel so liberating. You’re exposed to an entire new world. I learned that getting out of my comfort zone allows me to open so many other opportunities. While abroad, I had the chance to learn a new language, explore various cultures, meet different people from all over the world, etc. In my program, I made many new friends whom I am still in contact with to this day. Overall, learning abroad has been such an amazing experience, and I believe everyone should have the chance to participate in it!


Meagan D. 

Pronouns: She/Her
Major:  Psychology
Minor: Sociology  
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Fall 2022 CIEE Open Campus Block in Kyoto, Japan
International Experience:  Japan, Mexico
Ask Me About:
Staying with a Host Family
Japanese Culture and Etiquette
Japanese Language Learning Resources

Before embarking on my trip, I was terrified of going to a foreign country by myself and had no idea if I would be able to do it. However, once I got there doing things by myself became a fun challenge to overcome and soon I started to develop a deeper sense of self-reliance. I learned so much about myself, but also my host culture and how I existed within that space. Now I feel that when I apply to work in Japan, I can do so with the confidence that I will be able to thrive in any environment that I am placed in. I hope that I can help others gain this unique experience and encourage people to start their own journeys! 


Michael G.

Major: Liberal Studies
Minor: Business Administration, Economics, & Sociology
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: AIFS Semester abroad in Barcelona, Spain      
International Experience: Spain 
Ask Me About: 
Solo traveling abroad 
Language Exchanges

Before spending a semester abroad, I had never left the United States and I didn´t know anyone in my program. It was a truly life changing experience and I am very glad I decided to do so. Exploring solo is something I think everyone should do really makes you sink or swim especially if there is a language barrier. 


Nick P. 

Pronouns: He/Him
Major:  Public Relations
Minor: English Applied Linguistics 
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program:  CIEE Kyoto Semester Program
International Experience:  Spain
Ask Me About:
Solo/group travel organization 
Being the first in my family to have international experience 
First time Abroad 
Summer block scheduling 

My study abroad experience showed me how wide the world truly is. Learning about different cultures is one thing, but actually experiencing their way of life will change your perspective on your own. Along the way I made new friends, saw amazing sights, and returned with interesting stories to tell. I became more independent and discovered new opportunities that will follow me for years to come. The learning abroad experience will stick with me for life, and I hope I can encourage others to go on the same journey. 


Toyo C.

Pronouns: He/Him/They/Them
Major: Anthropology
Minor: Biology   
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: SFS (The School for Field Studies) Panama Summer 2023
International Experience: China & Panama
Ask Me About:
The Gilman Scholarship 
LGBTQ+ abroad
Traveling somewhere remote
Flying by yourself

Learning Abroad reaffirmed me in going after my life goals that I am intrinsically motivated to do, regardless of any perceivable limitation. I learned to not underestimate my abilities or competence in achieving my goals. I now believe that anyone who wants to learn abroad definitely can. There is a whole world out there and every student should be able to see it.


Sara M.

Pronouns: She/Her
Majors: Management Information Systems and Marketing
Class Year: Senior
Learning Abroad Program: Summer 2023 UH Faculty-Led program in Taiwan        
International Experience: Taiwan
Ask Me About:
First generation college student abroad
Being a part of a faculty-led program
Being a Business student abroad

Learning abroad in Taiwan has given me a greater perspective on the values and customs present outside of the United States. I've also gained so much more confidence when interacting with others with varying global experiences. Even to this day, I'm in communication with those I had the pleasure of meeting and being mentored by in Taiwan. Living and studying in Taiwan, even temporarily, exposed me to the beauty of its bustling night markets, historical locations, and calming scenery. The experience is definitely irreplaceable! 


Stacey P.

Majors: Philosophy and Human Development & Family Studies
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program: Spring 2023 AIFS Semester at Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany  
International Experience: Macedonia, Greece, Poland, Italy, Czech Republic
Ask Me About:
First time learning a new language
First time in a new country

The experience to learn abroad was unforgettable. It really opened up my perspective to be more worldly and I am so grateful to have had the chance to immerse myself in a completely new culture and atmosphere for a significant amount of time. Learning abroad was an amazing opportunity to have for both my personal and educational growth and it was definitely a life changing experience!


Elizabeth C.

Pronouns: She/Her
Majors: Chinese Studies
Minor: Applied Linguistics 
Class Year: Junior
Learning Abroad Program: Summer 2023 UH Faculty-led program in Taiwan     
International Experience: Taiwan
Ask Me About:
Faculty- led programs 
Using a foreign language abroad
Leaving the country for the first time

My time studying abroad in Taiwan was a very formative experience for me. I was able to immerse myself in a new culture and finally gain confidence in using a language I have been learning for years. I have always been a timid person, so leaving the country on my own was scary for me, but once I was in Taiwan the support of faculty and classmates allowed me to have a wonderful time. The new friends, enriching classes, and fascinating culture are absolutely worth studying abroad. I hope to encourage other students to go on this journey!