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On Call International Insurance

All students participating in a Learning Abroad program are required to have international medical and emergency insurance.

UH has partnered with On Call International to offer cost-effective and robust international insurance to our students and faculty leaders. This is a blanket coverage policy that automatically covers UH students, faculty, or staff traveling abroad for university purposes. Students participating in a Learning Abroad program will have their insurance fee assessed to the their student account by Learning Abroad based on the number of days they are abroad.  


Students do not need to individually enroll with On Call International for their insurance coverage. They can access the coverage and support from On Call once they have committed to a Learning Abroad program. This coverage will provide services ranging from pre-trip planning to telephone advice, to full-scale medical and security evacuations. If a student needs a consulate letter or insurance enrollment form for visa purposes, they can contact On Call directly for support.

Key Coverage Information

  • Medical, travel, and security assistance, including insured evacuation services
  • International medical expenses coverage
  • Coordination of emergent and non-emergent medical care
  • Coordination of travel arrangements for you or a person you designate for certain emergency circumstances (such as hospitalization abroad)

Review this travel insurance through On Call, with coverages specifically tailored to the University of Houston System.  

Employees and students traveling on university business and educational programs can make a collect call, send an email, live chat, or text On Call from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day to request assistance. For assistance with medical care, travel problems, medical emergencies, or if the traveler is impacted by security crisis anywhere in the world, we strongly encourage our employees and students to take advantage of services available through On Call.  

Claims and Emergency Point of Contact Abroad: 

Call collect from anywhere in the world: +1 978-651-9213  
Call toll-free US / Canada: 1-833-808-0236  
24/7 Live Chat:  
Text Only: +1 844-302-5131  

Review the On Call International Policy Brochure outlining designed specifically for the University of Houston.


Daily fee for students participating in Learning Abroad programs: $1.54/day  

Students will have a fee assessed to their student account based on the total number of days they will be abroad. Fees will be assessed once a student has committed to their program abroad.  

Students participating in a non-Learning Abroad program will have the cost of their insurance assessed by the college or department sponsoring the program.

Download the On Call International App before you travel

If traveling abroad, ensure you have the On Call plan information and contact information in the easiest place to reference it – on your phone. You can do this with a simple 2-step process without needing to login to anything or sharing any personal information:

  • Visit this link from your phone.
  • Follow the prompts to save it to your home screen. This will give you a tile on your phone that opens a Resource Hub that includes information about the program and how to use it, as well as click to dial phone and chat links.