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Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-Led Programs are learning abroad programs led by a University of Houston faculty member. These programs are developed at the college or departmental level and have a direct correlation to students' majors, minors, or specific areas of interest or study. Learning Abroad encourages Faculty-Led Programs as the first option to students.

To apply for a Faculty-Led Program, please contact the faculty leader for that particular program. Students must be accepted by the faculty leader before applying with Learning Abroad on ViaTRM and completing required paperwork. Visit the Forms Tab of the Student Resources page for a list of required documents.

UH Faculty-Led Programs

Winter and Summer 2023 Faculty Led Programs to be announced.
Additions to this list are made as programs are approved.

Faculty leaders must submit program proposals to Learning Abroad.

Program Faculty Country College Course(s) Term
Turkey: Explorations of the Ottoman Empire Dr. Mike Barnes  Turkey Honors N/A Fall 2022
The Arts in Rome Prof. Melissa Noble Italy COTA IART 1300 (fall course) Winter 2022/23
Tunisia: Ancient Civilizations and Arab Uprisings Dr. Jesse Rainbow Tunisia Honors N/A Winter 2022/23
Panama Learning Abroad  Dr. Marina Sebastijanovic Panama City, Panama BAUER MANA 7353 & 7354 Winter 2022/23
Retailing and Human Resources Abroad Dr. Olivia Johnson Paris, France & Milan, Italy TECH HDCS 4396, HRD 6358, GRET 6398 Spring 2023