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Student Resources

General Resources


Diversity and Identity Abroad
Learn about specific resources to help you travel abroad.

Policies and Guidelines
Learn how to request and earn credit for your programs abroad.

ViaTRM Traveler Software
UH students can search for and should apply for Learning Abroad programs in ViaTRM, our online Traveler Software. UH Faculty, Staff, and the general public do not have access to create their own profiles on ViaTRM. For more information, please talk to a Learning Abroad staff member. 


Forms & Documents

Financial Aid Forms

To request additional financial aid in the form of grants or loans, students must complete the Learning Abroad Financial Aid form, submit it to their Learning Abroad advisor, and then turn it in to UH Financial Aid. Students can get additional aid if they have remaining funds from that academic year and if they are going on a program abroad for credit. Additional details and restrictions may apply on a case by case basis. Please talk to your adivsor and UH Financial Aid for more information. 

Workshop Presentations

Global Citizens Credential

The Global Citizens Credential (GCC) allows students to enhance their degrees with a set of core competencies that will distinguish them as global citizens. These are identified as global knowledge, global engagement, and global responsibility. Completion of GCC requirements is certified by the Office of the Provost – UH  Global and the Office of the Registrar. The GCC is open to any UH  undergraduate student who is not facing any disciplinary action and is in good academic standing as reflected by a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above. For more information about the program and how to register, email uhglobal@ or visit the UH Global website.