Radiation Licensing & Registration - University of Houston
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Apply for a Radiation Sublicense or Subregistration

 Permits for radioactive materials, x-ray machines, and lasers go through identical processes at the University of Houston. A Principal Investigator (PI) who wishes to begin use of one of these should download the appropriate application

Prospective PIs will work with the Radiation Safety Officer(RSO) to complete these applications. This may involve visits to the proposed work space. When the application is complete, the RSO will submit it to the Radiation Safety Committee. The committee is composed of radiation-using PIs and administrators at the University. The committee will consider the application at its next meeting. The committee may approve the application as-is, approve it with conditions, or reject it. 

To accomodate research needs, the RSO may grant provisional approval if the next committee meeting is in a distant future. In such cases, the committee will still consider the application at the next meeting, and any conditions stipulated will be communicated to the applicant.

Typically, radioactive materials applications must be approved before ordering of radioactive material is permitted. Applications for x-ray machines and lasers are usually completed alongside the ordering and installation process, but must be approved before regular use of the machine or device begins.


Make Changes to a Sublicense or Subregistration

Once a PI has an approved radioactive materials, x-ray, or laser permit, changes to that permit must be made through the amendment process. Changes that require an amendment include:

  • Adding or removing users
  • Adding or removing machines
  • Adding or removing radioactive isotopes
  • Adding or removing use or storage areas
  • Adding or changing a use procedure

These amendments will be considered and approved or rejected by the Radiation Safety Commitee. The RSO may also grant provisional approval until the next meeting of the committee.  The amendment forms are located below.