Permit Termination - University of Houston
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How to Terminate an X-ray or Laser Permit

If you are leaving the University or no longer wish to use x-rays or class 3b and 4 lasers, you must terminate your permit for these devices with EHS. 

The primary concern for these types of permits is final disposition of the x-ray machines and lasers. Acceptable options include:

  • Render equipment inoperable and dispose of as waste
    • Lead paneling inside of x-ray machines must be diposed of as hazardous waste.
    • Some lasers contain hazardous materials, which must be disposed of properly
  • Transfer to another UH permit holder
  • Transfer to a permitted person outside of UH
  • Return to the manufacturer
  • Sent to a licensed disposal broker.

EHS must be notified and approve of each equipment's disposal plan. Contact the Radiation Safety Officer when you want to terminate a permit in order to recieve guidance.


How to Terminate a Radioactive Materials Permit

If you are leaving the University or no longer wish to use radioactive materials, you must terminate your permit with EHS. 

All radioactive material in your inventory must be surrendered to EHS Radiation Safety or transferred to another UH PI. This includes liquid source vials and sealed sources. EHS maintains an inventory of radioactive sources for each lab, and will be verifying that all have been collected. Additionally, any radioactive waste must be picked up. Request a pickup through our waste system.

Once all radioactive material has been removed from a lab, EHS will perform a closeout survey for open-source labs. This is a more detailed survey than the usual monthly survey. All floors, workspaces, potentially contaminated equipment, and high-touch areas will be surveyed and wiped for contamination. Any contaminated areas must be cleaned of contamination and re-tested. Any contaminated equipment that cannot be decontaminated will be disposed of as solid radioactive waste.  Once the lab is clean to EHS standard, it can be released for use by another PI.