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How to Repair X-ray Machines and Lasers

X-ray machines and class 3B and 4 lasers may need repairs, modifications, or maintenance periodically. These functions must only be performed by specially-trained personnel. Typically, this is a service engineer from the manufactuer, vendor, or a 3rd party. Whenever you engage a service engineer to come and perform repairs, modifications, or maintenance, you must notify EHS Radiation Safety. All companies performing these functions must have a valid Texas X-ray or laser registration. EHS will verify this.


How to Transfer X-ray Machines and Lasers to Other Users

Occasionally, a UH laser or x-ray researcher may wish to lend or permanently give a machine to another UH researcher. This is allowed and encouraged, but must be done with EHS Radiation Safety knowledge and permission. The receving researcher must have an X-ray or Laser permit, including authorization for the destination room for the equipment. If not, the receiver must being the application process before recieving the equipment. If both the giving and receiving researcher have UH permits, please notify Radiation Safety so that inventories can be maintained correctly, and amendments processed, if necessary. Even if it will only be for a few days, perhaps just to see if a certain experiment is possible, notify EHS before transferring the equipment.