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Internship application information is sent directly to students enrolled in the course. If you have questions, prior to enrollment, contact your health advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact with questions about the internship application process?

For information on how to apply for Health Education Internships, please see your academic advisor.

What is a health internship or fieldwork placement? 

The health internship or fieldwork placement is a professional setting-based practicum where student interns are exposed to health-related work experiences. The experience provides students with the opportunity to practice health program planning, implementation, and evaluation as well as other skills relevant to the health professions.

Where can I complete my health internship?

There are at least seven general settings for health internship practice, including placements in:

  1. Schools and School Districts
  2. Medical Clinics and Laboratories
  3. University of Houston Health Projects and Programs
  4. MD Anderson and other University Programs and Hospitals
  5. Government Departments of Health and Hospital Districts
  6. Private Health Programs and Ventures
  7. Volunteer Agencies

When should I enroll for a health internship experience?

Undergraduate students must have a senior class standing and have completed their required health courses before enrolling in the internship course. This way, students will have mastered the health competencies necessary to make their internship a fruitful experience. Graduate students can take the health internship course any time during their academic training.

Do I have to register for a health internship as a class during the semester?

Yes, undergraduate health students must register for the course and attend the health internship class meetings throughout the semester. It is a semester long experience that requires the completion of designated coursework and 160 supervised hours for 3 credit hours (HLT 4392 or HLT 4393) or 320 supervised hours for 6 credit hours (HLT 4392 and HLT 4393).

What is the time frame for completing the internship?

Students are to complete their internship hours within the semester they are enrolled. It is important that students discuss with potential site supervisors the necessary requirements (including required hours) to see if this is a realistic goal at that site. If they believe they might not complete their required hours, they must consult the internship coordinator.

Can I register for 6 credit hours of internship in one semester?

While it is not recommended, students can complete (2) internships in one semester. Students have to complete a total of 320 hours. Students can complete these hours at one or two internship sites in one semester. Please note that if a student is completing his or her internship at two different sites, two separate internship applications must be submitted and a minimum of 160 hours at each site must be completed.

Can I use my place of employment as my internship site?

Yes, students can use their current health-related place of employment as their internship site, but their internship hours must be committed to work activities outside of your normal job responsibilities (ex. special projects, developing programs, assisting with activities and duties outside of your department). In other words, it is possible to complete an internship in a site in which students are employed, but the internship experience must be above and beyond current job responsibilities.

Do academic advisors place students at internship sites?

No, the internship coordinator and the academic advisors will NOT place students at an internship site. Finding an internship site is each student’s responsibility. A list of approved internship sites is listed on the website. Please note that internship agency’s contact names and numbers change frequently, so if there is incorrect information on the approved list of internship sites, please follow-up with the internship coordinator.

How do I go about securing an internship site?

It is imperative that students are proactive and investigate potential sites the semester before enrolling in the internship course. Each intern is required to select his/her site from a list of approved sites provided on our website or by the internship coordinator/academic advisors, prior to logging any UH sanctioned hours. Other suggestions to find an internship site are to talk with health faculty or attend internship day to meet health-related organization representatives or attend an internship orientation with health advisors.

Once students select an approved internship, they must contact someone from that site and schedule an interview with the director or potential site supervisor.

What if I am interested in an internship site that is not on the list?

If you are interested in a site not listed on the approved list of health internship sites, contact the internship coordinator to see if that internship can be approved and added to the list.

How do I register for my internship course?

Students meeting the eligibility criteria may register for the appropriate internship course* during the designated registration period of the semester in which they will intern. All registered students will be screened for eligibility by the health advisor and internship coordinator. Students not meeting the requirements for enrollment will be notified by the health advisor. Eligible students will receive specific course information from the internship coordinator as well as the date of the mandatory orientation meeting which takes place at the beginning of the semester.

*Notes for internship course registration:

  1. All first-time interns register for HLT 4392
  2. Students who have taken HLT 4392 previously, register for HLT 4393
  3. Students interning for 320 hours at one site or at two separate sites (160 hours each) may request approval for concurrent enrollment in both HLT 4392 and HLT 4393.
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