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Archived Media Mentions

Check out past media stories featuring College of Education faculty, staff and students. (Read the latest media stories here.)

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Courtney Wright, whose home and belongings were destroyed during Hurricane Harvey, shares her inspirational story.

Bulent Dogan discusses the importance of teaching young students to code.

Principals at Blackshear Elementary and Cullen Middle School “are commending efforts by the University of Houston to improve student outcomes.”

Lorraine Reitzel, chair of the Department of Psychological, Health and Learning Sciences, describes her anti-smoking work at the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas (CPRIT) Innovations V Conference in Austin.

In an op-ed, associate professor Nicole Coleman says Halloween should not be an avenue to promote gender stereotypes.

Margaret Hale, associate chair of the Curriculum & Instruction department, notes how the Tweens Read festival she organizes encourages a love of reading in a test-prep culture.

Bradley Carpenter, associate professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, talks about the qualities of an effective principal and how it is important to develop a strong leadership team.

College of Education Dean Bob McPherson offers 10 tips for improving K-12 education post-Hurricane Harvey.

Associate Dean for Research Ezemenari Obasi discusses how stress and trauma from Harvey can impact local schoolchildren.

School Psychology Professor Bradley Smith shares insights on living a happy life.

Professors Ezemenari Obasi and Cathy Horn discuss the return to campus post-Harvey – the stress and the healing.

Professor Cathy Horn discusses diversity and the college admissions process. (Video link is not direct. Search for Aug. 2, 2017, videos and headline.)

Amber Thompson, associate chair over teacher preparation, talks about the college’s work to prepare high quality teachers.

Clinical Assistant Professor Carrie Cutler weighed in on best practices regarding homework in elementary school.

Associate Dean Ezemenari Obasi discusses how chronic stress can impact students and schools.

Assistant Professor Leslie Frankel shares advice for dealing with parent shaming.

Dean Robert McPherson discusses how a grant from Raise Your Hand Texas and HEB Chairman Charles Butt will help aspiring teachers.

Amber Thompson, who oversees teacher education, explains the significance of a grant from Raise Your Hand Texas.

Professor Bradley Smith discusses his work leading yoga classes in schools and the impact on teacher burnout and student well-being.

Professor Tina Reyes praises the Houston school board's move to curb the school-to-prison pipeline and urges training on building connections with students.

Associate Dean of Graduate Studies Jonathan Schwartz, in an interview with the Texas Tribune, explains the lifetime repercussions of bullying and ways schools can involve students in ending the behavior.

Bradley Carpenter, director of the College of Education's master's program in educational leadership, talks to the Texas Tribune about how the college is "revolutionizing" the principal internship and adding mindfulness and social justice into the curriculum.

Laura Turchi, an assistant professor in the curriculum and instruction department, and Ann Christensen, associate professor in the English department, urge teachers to use Shakespeare to inspire students.

Virginia Rangel, assistant professor in the department of educational leadership and policy studies, and Mariam Manuel, assistant professor for the teachHOUSTON program, talk about the importance of adding arts to STEM education.

Ken Ripperger-Suhler, clinical assistant professor in health, takes his students out of the classroom and into the Third Ward.

Ezemenari Obasi, the college’s associate dean for research, explains the importance of bringing health care to communities. The effort will be fueled by a new $2 million grant from the United Health Foundation to the UH HEALTH Research Institute, which Obasi directs.

Sara Jones, assistant professor in the College of Education, talks about designing a successful mentoring program for students, as she is doing at Third Ward middle school.

Cathy Horn, associate professor of higher education, chats about her new role as president of the Faculty Senate and how her research interests align.

Professor Augustina Reyes, who’s teaching a new course on the school-to-prison pipeline, discusses school discipline trends.

Dean Robert McPherson and Margaret Hale weigh in on college readiness and the state’s school accountability system.

Cathy Horn, co-director of the college's new Education Research Center, discusses the potential impact of big data on student outcomes and the workforce.

Lorraine Reitzel, associate chair of the Department of Psychological, Health and Learning Sciences, discusses strategies to quit smoking and related public policy.

A College of Education graduate student explains what makes the online program so successful.



Associate Professor Catherine Horn urges Texas lawmakers to focus on college and career readiness in 2017.

Education Dean Robert McPherson discusses what makes the college’s teacher-preparation program one of the nation’s best.

Ezemenari Obasi, interim associate dean of research at the College of Education, discusses his work studying stress and drug abuse.

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