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Archived Media Mentions

Check out past media stories featuring College of Education faculty, staff and students. (Read the latest media stories here.)

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Department Chair Cathy Horn discusses a research project to better understand how families make decisions about schools.

Associate Professor Sissy Wong stresses the importance of changing the way schools teach science in order to prepare students for the energy workforce.

Counseling Psychology Professor Consuelo Arbona discusses her research about female firefighters, PTSD and suicide contemplation.

Teresa Edgar, associate dean and early childhood education professor, discusses the importance of training teachers to recognize adversity and help students rise above it.

Professors Cathy Horn and Lyle McKinney share insights on changes in higher education.

Associate Dean Jonathan Schwartz, a counseling psychology professor who researches men and masculinity, offers tips for talking to boys about sexual assault. 

Associate Dean Ezemenari Obasi shares tips for quitting alcohol and the role of counseling.

Retention Specialist Laura Lee talks about the new PEEPs Pantry and how tackling the student food insecurity problem on campus can lead to academic success.

Associate Professor Conra Gist discusses the importance of teacher diversity before hosting a two-day conference on the subject at UH.

Aurora González de Freire, who has a B.S. in teaching and learning and an M.Ed. in curriculum and instruction from the College, authored a disaster-preparedness children’s book based on Hurricane Harvey. Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Teresa “Sesa” Edgar explained that the book could help children cope with adversity.

Clinical Professor Margaret Hale promotes the Tweens Read book festival she co-directs to encourage a love of literacy.

Ezemenari Obasi, associate dean for research, talks about the expansion to provide health services to support the Latino community.

Assistant Professor Leslie Frankel shares insights on why middle children are increasingly rare, especially in inner-Loop Houston.

Associate Dean Jon Schwartz shares research-based advice on bullying and the critical aspect of prevention.

Associate Professor Bradley Carpenter talked to Isiah Carey about the importance of mental health care in schools in the wake of a bullying tragedy in Colorado.

Associate Dean of Research Ezemenari Obasi weighs in on the trauma of Hurricane Harvey and how UH worked to help students (subscription required).

UH alum Stephanie Rice, the College of Education’s First Lecture speaker and a former contestant on “The Voice,” discussed how music helped her cope after she came out.

Department Chair Lorraine Reitzel shares how the new partnership is designed to address health disparities among black and Hispanic populations.

Department Chair Lorraine Reitzel speaks about the UHAND Partnership, a new collaboration between UH and MD Anderson that she co-directs.

Associate Dean Jon Schwartz discusses the importance of creating safe school climates for students to report bullying.

2019-20 | 2018-19 | 2017-18 | 2016-17