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What is a Strategic Plan?

A strategic plan is a means to identify organizational goals and provide direction for long-term actions needed to achieve these goals. It is reflective of the mission and primary goal of the University of Houston which is to become a nationally competitive and recognized institution in the 21st century by providing opportunities for learning, discovery, and engagement to a diverse population of students in a real-world setting.

The strategic plan calls for the Division of Student Affairs to demonstrate bold leadership, implement innovative programs, and engage in high-level delivery of service. Thinking strategically allows us to be intentional about maximizing the student experience and learning, make decisions based on a broader vision, and align resources with goals and objectives.


The Strategic Plan is crafted around strategic initiatives that are supported by action steps.

  • Strategic initiatives are broad statements directly related to the mission that provide direction for the long-term.
  • Action steps are focused statements concerning an action that contribute to the overall accomplishment of an initiative. They are to be accomplished and may represent something that is done repetitively or a fixed-time effort. Multiple action steps may be written for an initiative, and they may be accomplished within one year or over several years. Action steps represent the efforts of many departments within the Division