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DSA Awards

"Honoring those who exemplify the Division's commitment to Supporting Student Success."


The Division of Student Affairs Awards program is designed to honor staff members (individually or as a group in some cases) who exemplify the Division's commitment to service. The awards recognize the ongoing contributions to excellence that members of the UH community put forth each day in two ways: the Golden Paw Employee of the Month and at our Annual Awards Banquet held each May.

Annual Awards Banquet

Any member of the UH community can nominate an individual or a group of individuals who embodies the message of an award. Be sure to look at the criteria for this year's awards before nominating. All nominees should reflect the overall mission and vision of the Division while making an outstanding contribution to our collective goals. Along with recognizing work on committees, projects and task forces, those who excel in day-to-day job expectations are also eligible as nominees for any of the DSA Awards.

Selection Committee and Nomination Tips

The DSA Awards Selection Committee is comprised of: Faculty Senate Representative, Staff Council Representative, Student Government Association Representative, Human Resources Representatives, and Dan Maxwell (Facilitator)

Some tips for completing nominations for the DSA Awards include:

  • Each nomination will require one completed nomination from individuals other than the nominee.
  • The Division Professional Awards of Excellence will require a completed nomination form and two supporting letters.
  • Nomination information provided will go to the selection committee for review.
  • Anyone (students, faculty, staff, etc.) can nominate/support individuals/groups for any of the DSA Awards.
  • If you wish to nominate the same individual or group for more than one award, you will need to complete separate nominations for each award.
  • An individual or group can only win one award per year.
  • An award winner in a particular award category is not eligible to be nominated for the same award the next year; but an individual or group can be nominated in another award category if they meet the criteria.
  • All nominees will be notified of their nomination and expected to attend the DSA Awards Program and Luncheon.