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Organization Registration
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Organization Registration for the 2024-2025 academic year is now OPEN!! Please make sure to follow the steps listed below. 

CSI recognizes the importance of co-curricular education in the development of young adults and strives to provide a wide range of experiences and activities.

With over 500 registered student organizations at the University of Houston, there is a student organization for everyone.

The Center for Student Involvement is also committed to the success of all the registered student organizations. On this page, you will find plenty of resources to help your organization including information about registering your organization, policies and procedures, free resources, and much more!

Organization Registration is now open.

Organization Registration Timeline 2024-2025

Key Dates:
April 1, 2024
Registration Opens!
June 17, 2024 Memorandum sent to the Primary Officer (if registration is complete)
February 28, 2025 Registration Closes
Organization Must be Fully Approved by:
August 2, 2024 To be eligible to participate in Cats Back.
September 6, 2024 To prevent your organization's CARS reservations from being dropped.
September 27, 2024 To prevent your organization's account from being locked.

Organization Registration

Want to register an organization? It's easy!

To register an organization you need three ENROLLED students to serve as top officers, a faculty/staff advisor, a constitution & bylaws, and to complete the registration process.

View your organization type below to learn more about the registration process for your organization!


Choose this option if you are registering a new organization.


Choose this option if you are registering an existing organization.


Choose this option if you are registering an organization that is recognized by the Center for Fraternity and Sorority Life.

Event Registration

All registered student organizations in good standing have the privilege of holding events on campus. Depending on the kind of event, you may need to complete Event Registration.

Event Planning for Student Organizations

The Center for Student Involvement wants to help you and your student organization plan successful meetings and events this Fall by keeping you informed of UH’s current guidelines and safety measures. As we receive guidelines related to campus meetings and events, we will keep you updated.

The Center for Student Involvement encourages all Registered Student Organizations to register their virtual meeting and events in Get Involved. This is in an effort to ensure UH students can discover meetings, events and activities that are open to them.

The Center for Student Involvement can help you set up:

  • Virtual member and executive board meetings (can be managed via Microsoft Teams )
  • Officer elections via Get Involved
  • Events in a virtual environment

We are also available via online meetings or phone calls for support and assistance with your student organization.

As you consider hosting virtual meetings and events, please be sure to take the following steps:

  • Place meeting and events in Get Involved for approval as you normally would do for on-campus events
  • Under Event Details, when asked “Show To,” please select the most appropriate for your organization
    • If this is a meeting or an event that is open UH students, then select “students and staff at University of Houston.”
    • If this is a closed meeting or event that is only open to the organization, then select “organization members.”
    • Public and Invited Users are other options you could choose if appropriate
  • When selecting, “Who can attend this event,” mark the box that says “open to UH community” as many students are looking for ways to engage with other students during this time
  • Add the virtual location (the Zoom link or other link) to this event – this is a new feature that Get Involved offers

We encourage you to continue to meet during your normal day/time for meetings by using an online video conferencing system such as Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams (AKA Teams) is a workspace for real-time collaboration and communication, meetings, file and app sharing, and more.  Students, faculty, and staff can create virtual meetings that can be joined by anyone in the world with a simple link.

  • There is a screen-sharing feature that would allow a PowerPoint or documents to be displayed and discussed as well as a recording option if content would like to be recorded in advance and distributed to organization members.
  • Teams may be helpful for: full organization meetings, executive board meetings, committee meetings, interviews, one on one conversations, and more.

Microsoft Teams Resources:

Your organization's Get Involved page has the capability to facilitate many things online that organizations may have initially scheduled for in-person meetings during the next few weeks into the remainder of the semester. The organization tools available for your organizations may be very helpful for this. Log on to the CSI On Demand page and get all the information on:

  • Creating a Virtual Election
  • Office Change Requests
  • Event Registrations
  • Get Involved Overview of all Features

Email if you have any questions.

Organization Resources & Development

Additional Resources

  • Student Organization Mailboxes

    Student organizations are required to maintain a mailbox at the University so that mail, important notices from the Center for Student Involvement, and information can be distributed to the student organizations easily. Student organizations have the option of choosing the location of their mailboxes.

  • Setup an Organization Email Account

    Another privilege that student organizations can take advantage of is the opportunity to get an e-mail account through the University of Houston.

  • Campus Leaders Ceremony

    Held once a year in April, the Campus Leaders Ceremony is an opportunity for the Center for Student Involvement to recognize top student leaders, individuals, organizations, and programs. The Center for Student Involvement highly encourages individuals and organizations to submit nominations prior to the Reception so that our student leaders and top organizations can get recognized for their achievements.